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Thyroid ultrasound report


I had an ultrasound done a week ago. Can someone tell me in simple terms what this is saying. My doctor ordered this thinking I had hyperthyroidism. But I am being treated for hypothyroidism with nature throid. Below is the report.

Findings: Sonography of the thyroid demonstrates heterogeneous thyroid right lobe measuring 4.2 X 1.8 X1.5 cm. Left lobe measures 4.3 X 1.5 X 1.3 cm. Isthmus measures 3mm.

Tiny 3mm nodule may be present in the right lobe. No suspicious nodules seen. No central compartment lymphadenopathy is identified.

Impression: Diffusely heterogeneous thyroid without suspicious nodules.

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It sounds like you have nodules in your thyroid ... I have a multi-nodular goitre and my consultant told me it was not Hashimoto's as some members had suggested on here but Graves' disease. I have had a couple of scans and luckily nothing suspicious was detected like yours. Hopefully the Doctor will send you for scans every two years just to monitor your thyroid. If you are anything like me mine just looks like I have a fat neck which means my neck doesn't look scraggy like some women of my age ;o)

Did your consultant do any antibody tests? Or was he just guessing? Sorry for asking, but your comment intrigued me.

They did but it was in normal range .

Tpo 2

TSI 89

These are antibody tests they were in normal range. Just to give you some history I started taking nature throid when TSH was 5.25. Now TSH 0.03 so they wanted the ultrasound because it seemed high also T3 was high. Funny thing I used to have cholesterol at 215 now 90, sugar went down from 108 to 93 and vitaim D was 28 now 40. So some of the issues i was having have now improved except thyroid is off.

I think your vitamin D needs to be higher .... Do you take vitamin D?

If your TSH was 5.25, you cannot have Grave's. Doesn't matter what it is now, it's low because of the Nature Throid you were or are taking. You haven't given any ranges, so I can't say more than that. But, I very much doubt you have Grave's.

Heterogeneous basically measure its hashis or Graves I think. Different radiographers use different works, often they will say bosselated, rippled or coarse texture for Hashimotos. Your report seems a bit lacking, on mine it says coarse texture suspicious of Hashimotos. Hashimotos also looks like the pattern on a giraffe hyde. I don’t know anything about Graves, sorry. you can often ask for a copy of the actual pictures, useful in case you see a new endocrinologist etc in the future.

When they say diffuse I think they mean all over the thyroid.


Doctors get in a panic if the TSH goes (as they believe) too low. In fact we recover more quickly if TSH gets to 1 or lower after we're diagnosed.

Unfortunately doctors seem to believe that we've become hyPERactive and that a TSH result somewhere in the ranges (even up to 5 when diagnosed) is fine they then prescribe something other than hormones for the symptoms.

Members will respond about your nodules.

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