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Ultrasound of thyroid today


Hi everyone, hope your all having a reasonable day

I have just got back from my ultrasound of my thyroid, the radiographer was nice. She said I have a small cyst in my left lobe. This is the side I have a discomfort on swallowing, I asked if this is what's causing it she said its probably not as is it small, she didn't give me a size.

She said the report would be with my gp within the week as she was the one reporting on it.

She asked if I was having a radiation test? Or something? I said I don't know. Why would she ask me that? Is it just routine?

Could she tell me there and then if all was well? And if it wasn't would she not tell me and leave it for the GP to pass on the report?

Thanks in advance :-)

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Also, my right lobe is bigger than the left lobe, she didn't give me sizes but did show me on the screen.

Anyone? :-)

Hi there.

In my experience, whatever testing is being done, you will always have to return to your referring Dr for a full explanation of results.

Your radiographer did find a cyst, and told you so - so I presume that had she seen anything else of concern, she would have mentioned that also. Did she say anything about the larger right side?

In my experience, if there is concern about a lump in the thyroid, it is standard practice to perform a fine needle aspiration, which collects cells for biopsy.

Try not to worry. You are doing the right thing by getting it all checked out. If you're not satisfied with not getting an explanation for discomfort when swallowing, ask for more investigations to be performed.

When I was referred to ENT, the first thing they did was put a tiny camera down one nostril to look at my throat. Not pleasant, but if they spray first with numbing 'stuff' it's fine. Let us know how you get on.

Very best wishes, Nicky x

lare73 in reply to nickym1

Hi Nicky and thank you for your reply.

I have already had the nose camera..very weird sensation! All was normal, the ent doctor said its my thyroid.

The radiographer didn't say anymore abut the size of lobes to me.

I shall be patient x

Hi, this is standard. I had the same. The next step should be the needle biopsy of the cyst. Don't worry, sounds awful, but never felt a thing and I am the biggest wimp when it comes to pain, but honestly it was surprisingly painless. Keep in touch and let us know. X

lare73 in reply to Orangelady1

Thank you for your post and reassurance.

I am feeling a bit wobbly tonight, it's the unknown. I'm sure is all fine and nothing sinister, all a bit scary though.


Orangelady1 in reply to lare73

Yes it does feel scary, but remember you are not alone, plenty of us have been thru it. Keep strong

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