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Hi all, I hope everyone is doing ok today in this gloomy weather.

O.k so this morning I went to the Docs for the results of my blood tests. The conclusion, essentially, was that I am just fat and depressed :-(

I asked for a printout of the results, Which I will be able to collect at some point. She said that she had tested for tsh and glucose and both were absolutely normal at 1.4 something. After getting out my print off of symptoms from the thyroid uk site I was told they are all none specific. She is however going to do a broad spectrum blood test now but I am not sure what that will be as she just it was a general one.

My Sertraline medication I don't think is doing enough of a job considering I take 200mg a day, but she is reluctant to change it really as may make me worse!

So I feel left floundering somewhat, as i stupidly thought I was getting somewhere and now am right back at the beginning.

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A TSH of 1.? can still be quite high for some of us. If you email wherein Dr Toft of the British Thyroid Association in an Online Pulse Article, question 6 advises that some of us need a low or suppressed TSH and says that some T3 can be added. That may be beneficial to you.


But my doctor is not prepared to consider thyroid as my problem anymore. She doesn't even have any thoughts as to what's wrong. Just keep taking the antidepressants and waiting for counselling (over a year now) Arrghh feel like I'm going mad and it a hyperchondriac


I didn't realise you aren't medicated. I remember reading an article regarding the unreliability of diagnosing by the TSH alone although it wouldn't make any difference to your GP as she has the same guidelines as all of them. Very few medicate due to the TSH.

I don't know if you could possibly have a private consultation. Dr Skinner who died last year diagnosed on clinical symptoms and thought doing so by the TSH was rubbish. Unfortunately most of the doctors trained as students in diagnosing are retired or deceased. No wonder you are at the doctor often, if they cannot see beyond a blood test.


sorry your feeling fed up best thing to do if you dont feel happy with this gp swap to another one or surgery, they simply dont have the information to get you well. mine was very unhelpful getting diagnosed i now have a more open minded one after i swapped . i found that getting bloods done first thing in the morning gives the best results as your levels can be diffrent in the afternoon this was something i picked up on but i would not rely on the tsh as it is inaccurate.also you need to be seeing a thyroid specialst and a referall through your doctor if you feel this is the problem and demand it this is your health not theirs! i wish you all the best in getting sorted dont give up iv also found that making sure you are looking after yourself and eat really well(paleo diet ect) and cut out all processed food can make a huge diffrence to how you feel and mood as well as making sure your getting your vitimans through supplements can all really help as well.


ps i finally got my underactive thyroid reconized after i did a blue horizon thyroid profile with home test(post) and the dr put on comments that my results showed that i should be on treatment it was worth the pennies as i then started getting the support i neededxx

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I remember being told that all my symptoms were non specific and the GP not listening to me. I was also told that it was the depression causing them. Some doctors just don't get that you can have 2 or more conditions/illnesses side by side. Plus they don't seem to understand that you know your own body more than they do. I often left the GP's surgery almost in tears feeling like I would never get anyone to listen to me and believe me. I think it would help if they tested more than just your TSH that way it may be possible to request a trial of levothyroxine. I don't know what more to say except don't give up.


thanks guys will the broad spectrum bloods she booking show anything usefull do you know? im not sure what it means really x


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