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blood test results not yet received

hi i was diagnosed Hashimoto's/hypothyroid in march 2014 as my thyroid hormones were low and i saw an endo at the end of last month and although she had my blood test results on file she told me she would post them to me but this was over 2 weeks ago and i have heard nothing..i am still awaiting a referral for urology and i have heard nothing about that either and that was over a month ago. this is all really frustrating and with the urology letter i am close to self-referring to an incontinence clinic in the hope of getting a quicker response. every day i am standing by the window when the postman comes to our block of flats hoping to get the posted results but nothing...i don't want to call/email the secretary or endo to chase this as i am sure i will be seen as needy. the endo's secretary already made it clear to me that i am needy as i heard her sigh after asking me why i had left a message for her to call me back. does this situation call for me to perhaps stand my ground a bit as i feel silly wasting my time waiting for results that i am sure will never get sent to me? or wait until the gp appointment tomorrow re the tremor i still have? thankyou.

blood test results march 2014

tsh - 1.9, normal range 0.2-4.2

ft4 - 14, normal range 10-22, previous doctor started me on Levo at 25,50,75 and now 100

ft3 - 3.8, normal range 4.1-6.8

anti-TPO - 51, negative range 0-34

may 2014 (blood test result NHS)

tsh - 4.5, normal range 0.2-4.2

ft4 - 19.6, normal range 10-22

may 2014 (private blood test Blue Horizon)

tsh - 5.01, normal range 0.2-4.2

ft4 - 18.7, normal range 12-22

ft3 - 5.2, normal range 3.1-6.8

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Azura, who cares what support staff think of us? Phone or email the secretary and ask for your bloods to be emailed in time for your GP appointment and ask whether she has arranged a urology appointment or whether you need to speak to appointments.

If you don't get any joy phone the Patients Advisory Liaison Service (PALS) at the hospital and ask them to chase things up for you.


the gp said last week the urology appointment is still pending but to me two weeks is a long time. the endo said she would post me the blood test results but i thought that the secretary did that and so waiting for one or two days wasn't unreasonable. so i will email her about this. thanks for suggesting PALS but isn't PALS used for complaints only?


I agree with Clutter. I used to feel like you, like I was being a nuisance but trust me, you aren't. She spends her days dealing with folks who are stroppier than you and even stroppier consultants. But, that's her job. That's what she's paid for!

Ring back, be polite but firm. Tell her that you haven't received what was promised. Probably no point in asking why not, just say that you'd like a response and that if you don't receive anything within a week, you'll call back again.

You are in the right. They are in the wrong, having failed to deliver.

It was a tough lesson for me to learn but if you can crack it, politely standing your ground is truly liberating. Her sighing shouldn't be taken to mean you're at fault - you aren't. She is. She's being rude and unprofessional.


i have her email address but i am happy to email PALS if they will be of any help. her rudeness kind of puts me off calling her again but i can contact PALS if that's any better..


Your TSH is far too high and you are suffering. Maybe the results have already been sent to GP's. Make those phone calls and try to be a bit more assertive, your health is at stake and unless you are more assertive you will be left to linger in poor health. Sorry, but I am a straight speaking northerner!


the results of the thyroid and ferritin have been with the doctor for 3 weeks, vitamin d has come back normal but i was not told the number of this, just normal. so i will call PALS and see what they say. i have trouble being assertive and i know i need to be especially now. it will be hard i know..


I omce waited 4 months for a referral appt anf eventually rung up to find out GP had fforgotten to refer me.


oh no, gosh, i know my gp has referred me as she faxed the urology dept. that to me means the referral has gone through but 2 weeks is still a long time to wait so i have emailed PALS tonight and mentioned to them the problems i have had with the endo and the blood test results. just see what they say really. but 4 months...awfully long time to wait and doesn't look good for the gp either if they had forgotten...


I know I rang GP up and he was very apologetic, luckilt it wasn't for anything serious.


good job it wasn't for anything serious. :)


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