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Blood results

So the doctor this morning to tell me my blood results from Monday . Im embarrassed to say I didn't understand what she was talking about and it was all very rushed as well..😞

She said my TSH is now at "5" (previously was 6.6).. well because I'm now within range (0.3-6.3) think that's the ranges, cos I'm with in range she is now telling e to stick to the dose that I've been taking..

They also tested something else but can't bloody recall what that would be?. Something like T3/Ft4?? Anyway I thought she said the ft3 result wasn't back but my ft4 is all is Good she says ... I feel like getting another call back from another doctor as she really rushed on the phone before I could ask her anything..

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Ask for a printout of your results then you can post them on here for help but your TSH at 5 is high, normally we are better when it's around 1. Looks like you could do with a dose increase unless of course you are feeling great where you are, everyone is different ☺


Don't be embarrassed - you're human. It's not easy dealing with GP's.

I suggest you phone surgery and ask for printout of results. You're entitled to them. It should list everything they tested. Did you get iron, folate, B12 results too?

This link is about TSH levels. I'd say 5 is way too high. If you're not symptom free then tell doc - they are supposed to take that into consideration, and treat you as an individual.

Still not happy then change GP:

This site rates GP's according to pt reviews.

Hope this helps, and you feel better soon.


I would suspect it was the FT4 result she gave you over the phone and saying the FT3 result was not back - possibly means the lab didn't do it :-( So often the case ! It is after all the most important test result you need to estimate your progress.

Any chance of having tests done privately through Thyroid UK - Blue Horizon ?


Take online GP reviews with a pinch of salt as all review systems can be exploited. In addition those who are the most unhappy with their experience are the most likely to complaint. Instead talk to your friends, neighbours and acquaintances in your local area and see if any of them have a chronic disease and how they are treated, or had to change GP due to bad treatment.


If you are on meds you should be aiming for a TSH under 1. 5 is right at the top of the range and shows that you are undermedicated. If you stil have symptoms I'd ask for an increase. You are legally entitled to see your all your results - so ask for them. Your GP doesn't sound very clued up.


Hi well I just had a call back from doctor to discuss my results and he has told me my TSH is at 5 and within the normal range, so cos it's within normal range the labs refuse to do any other tests .. ARGHHHHHHH ..even tho another female doc rang and told me on this last blood test that my T3 etc would also be tested .. according to him just now he's saying nothing else was tested.. so now I gotta basically stay on this 125mcg dose.


Buy your own online and give yourself an increase or change GP, or ask for an endo referral. You could ask what GP is going to do to make you feel well.


Still worth getting a print out for your own records and also for posting on here so that members can advise.

If we inform ourselves we can challenge what we are told by GP's who, in the main, aren't well trained or knowledgeable on Thyroid issues sadly.


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