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Thyroid- test results. Need help

I recently found out I had a goiter, just seen an endo that ran a hundred different tests, my tpo antibodies were 1283.0 my thyroglobin-ab was 128.0 but my tsh is 1.880 t4 free is 1.00 and t3free is 3.18 what does this all mean? Do I need medication? I just want to feel better again. The endo said I was definitely hypo from my results back in may tsh was 7.51, someone help me understand these results?

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Welcome to the forum, Mandii2014.

Both antibody tests mean you are positive for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's).

Do you have the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) as they help members interpret your results. It would be useful to know if you are on Levothyroxine and what dose?


I'm not on any meds as of yet, this is all new to me. I have been feeling bad for quite sometime now, I really hope when i see the endo next he will start me on something, but anyways my ref ranges are

Tsh reflex 0.270-4.200

T4 free 0.93-1.70

T3 free 2.00-4.40



Thank you for the help!


You are hypo so why weren't you prescribed medication? The antibodies show that this is not a temporary state, and the goitre is your thyroids attempt to make itself larger so it can make more hormones.

You should list your symptoms, and ask the endo to give you some levothyroxine. 50-100 mg is a reasonable starting dose. Sooner rather than later. Don't wait till your next appointment. Insist... Now.

Have a look at the thyroid uk website, which is additional to this forum... And suggest you have a read of "understanding thyroid problems" by dr A Toft. Available for less than £5 from the chemist or Amazon.

It does get better and you can feel well again, but you can't do it without meds. The goitre might shrink too, don't rush for surgery of any kind.

G xx


Thank you for the response, I actually seen my test results on my chart where you can view them before the doctor even reviews and take the next step, lol I am impatient and trying to still figure this whole thing out. Educate myself on my thyroid and test results. My doctor did suggest a medication but not until he did thorough testing first(which is the testing I have available), but doesn't my tsh and t4,and 3 seem within normal ranges? Would they even consider a medication for that? And how do they bring those antibodies down since mine seem pretty high. Thank you for all the help, I really appreciate it.

And as far as symptoms I feel like I could go on for days, main thing is tired, constipation, hair loss, occasional rapid heartbeat. I have good days and bad days for sure. I also get weird eye pain that I'm not too sure about...


Mandii, it's usually TSH which determines whether or not one is diagnosed as hypothyroid. High TSH and low or normal FT4 and FT3 mean hypothyroidism. TSH responds to circulating thyroid hormone ie when FT4 and FT3 are low TSH rises to prompt the thyroid to produce more hormone.

Your May TSH was high and, like Galathea, I don't understand why that plus high antibodies and the endo's assertion that you are hypothyroid didn't get you treatment.

Hashimoto's often presents with normal TSH, FT4 and FT3 but the patient experiences surges of hormone which can make one feel hyper at times and hypo at others in a relatively short space of time. Gluten-free diet has helped many Hashi sufferers reduce their antibodies and the frequency of Hashi attacks on their thyroid.

Scroll down to Guidelines and Treatment Options to read Dr. A. Toft's comments in Pulse Magazine

If you want a copy of the article to show your GP or endo email

Ask your GP to test ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate as hypothyroid patients are often deficient/low and these deficiencies can cause musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and low mood similar to hypothyroid symptoms. Post your results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) in a new question and members will advise whether supplementation is required.


OK, here's a little more information on my story. Sorry I didn't explain it all.

Before, back in may I had no idea I had a goitre or any problem with thyroid. I went to the hospital because I was feeling so terrible, i felt like I was having a heart attack. They came back with everything was normal. (Which was not right considering my tsh was 7.51)Then a couple months later I seen another doctor who finally found the goitre. So I had my ultrasound that confirmed it, I then was referred to an endo, I just recently seen him, he went through my old tsh levels in the computer and asked if I have as medicated back in may for that tsh back in may which I wasn't since that doctor didn't even tell me it was even high.

So I just had tons of blood work for several different things I will post them

B12-363 (211-946)

Vitamin d-32.8 (30-120)

Ferritin-18 (13-150)

Folic-13.73 (4.50-37.30)

So it seems to me, my tsh is swinging from high to low, its so confusing to me, because either way I feel bad. I dont understand how they can put me on any medication if my tsh is jumping around like it is.

I also had more tsh levels back in august, those were 2.88,they didn't check anymore than that.

My goiter is multi nodule also.


Improving your ferritin, Vitamin D and B12 will also help you feel better. They are all much, much too low for health.


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