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I have just had a new set of results in, seeing the endo next week but wanted some clarification.

In jan my tsh was 0 and t4 27

Endo doubled my PTU as my tsh was so suppressed

New results

TSH 0.01 T4 19

I feel good, but surely my TSH should have moved more in 8wks, I have been really good at taking the meds!!


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Your endo wants your tsh unsuppressed, so to speak, is that right? Why? Could you give us the range for the FT4, please? Because that is getting low.

There is nothing wrong with a suppressed tsh, but there is a lot wrong with low FT4.

Hugs, Grey


I'm not sure, the receptionist just gave me those results so I havent managed to speak to the doc yet.

My Endo was concerened that my TSH was at 0.00 and not moving, he wasnt concerned about my T4 going down.

You'd think after 5yrs of this I would be used to it, I've had 4 endo's in that time and they all want to do something different!


Oh and on a side note I haven't had a period since he doubled my dose (9wks) and I'm not pregnant....I'm starting to get a bit concerned


Maybe he's increased your dose too much. You haven't given a reference range for your T4 results so it's hard to know if your T4 is now well below the top of the range (which is 25 in some areas) or if it is still above the reference range (the top of the range at our lab is 14.4)

It could be that you are still slightly hyper or it might just be taking a while for your TSH to come up a bit. It would be worth asking about your periods though. It might be a side-effect of the tablets but it could be something else that your doctor needs to look at.

I'm afraid I don't have much knowledge of hyperthyroidism so I don't know how long it should take for TSH to increase. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than me will be able to help soon :)

Carolyn x

I have edited your title so that it says you are hyperthyroid which might help attract other hyperthyroid patients that may be able to answer your question :)


Hi to be honest it takes months to get your levels sorted out when first put on meds. I have been on carbimazole for 22 months. The first thing your endo will do is get your TSH up to around 1 or maybe even higher. Meanwhile your T4 will drop.

My TSH used to be below zero and my T4 was around 30. Now my TSH is around 2 ish and my T4 was around 12.

Everyone on her has the misunderstanding that they will be cured and fast by taking tablets. It is probably because of poor advice from endos ( who talk rubbish) or from assuming that hyperthyroidism will go away over time. neither is the case.

Give yourself time and get regular blood tests and record them to compare. Good luck.


PS the period thing could be because you are hyper still or because of stress and worry or perimenopausal. No offence I dont know your age.


Probably a stupid question, but are you doing block and replace? i.e are you taking thyroid hormone as well as PTU?


oh, forget that, I missed the 8 weeks bit


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