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Blood Results

Hi Can anyone be so kind as to give me their experienced opinion on my lovely "normal" blood results. I met a lovely trainee doctor today who wrote them all down for me. But after time spent talking with me...... I think he may just give up studying medicine lol

Ferritin 59.5 (10-219) normal

Folate 8.18 ( >5-38) normal

Vit B12 335 (211-911) normal

Cortisol 446 (no range available I didn't real understand this one)

T4 16.5 (10-19.8)

Free T3 4.2 (3.5-6.5)

My Levothyroxine has been upped again from 100 one day then 125 the other day now, as I couldn't walk up a slope yesterday with out being breathless.

After everything I have read on here I think there is room for improvement...

Thank you all so much for giving me hope and the will to continue fighting this horrid condition x

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Your ferritin, folate and B12 all have room for improvement. You'd think (or maybe not) that doctors would understand something as basic as making sure vitamins and minerals are optimal in thyroid patients. Goodness, they don't even have to prescribe, they are available in all pharmacies and most supermarkets.

Your FT3 has room for improvement, but try the above first, they might allow you to utilise the thyroxine more effectively.


Thank you Rosetrees...


ferritin needs to be over 70

folate should be much higher

Vit B12oo

I suspect the low levels of all those 3 are why you cannot utilise the levothyroxine and convert it into the t3 your cells are screaming for this is confirmed by your low free t3

so you need iron plus at least 500mg vit c 4 hours away from the levothyroxine and some b12

plus you need to take a really good multivitamin before bed

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Thank you for that.. I'm going to try Spatone and vitc as I took it before and it's not so hard on my stomach... Never ending this.. Xx


And your adrenal glands might benefit from a boost.


Hi Humphrey, Thats the cortisol result right...did not understand any of that when I spoke to the doctor. What should I be aiming for there and what do I need to take? any recommendations appreciated. Thank you


I'm sorry to say I don't understand your cortisole result either! But yes - that's the Adrenal result. Could you ring the surgery and ask what the ranges are for that result? If it looks low then a good quality supplement should help. Amazon do several, some vegetarian, some animal-based.


Thanks... I did try to get ranges at the time but they said they didn't have any...who knows?? I will have a look at supplementing it anyway. I have started acupuncture to help with my energy levels.. so between it all I might feel better and stop crashing. Thank you for your help and I hope you are well :)


A bottle of supplementaries (!?) can't hurt. And may do much good. Hope your scattergun approach brings you better health. Although it will be good to try and work out what of the various approaches has been most helpful, in case you need to do it again at some point in the future.

This last couple weeks I've felt the best I have for years (thank you for asking!) Then I put my pelvis out :-( now I'm waiting to see the chiropractor on Monday. Grrr ...


oh no that is on earth did you do that, isn't it always the same with this thing, you're getting along fine, then bang something happens and throws the whole lot out of kilter and then you get onto the next level of Thyroid madness.

I'll let you know if my, as you rightly call it "scattergun approach" works. Thats if the Chinese Herbal tea doesn't kill me first!! lol

It has a great effect on the digestive system I can tell you!!!! :) I only take Vit D and C and Levothyroxine at the moment, plus this crazy tea...

I hope you feel better soon :)

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