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Blood results... any opinions appreciated

Hi Can anyone help me with these bloods please... I am posting two lots.

Feb 2014 I was taking 125mg levothyroxine and asked for more help as I was not able to function. I worked in the morning then slept all after noon/ evening. I was in pain from all my joints and if I sat down I completely stiffened up. feeling ill etc...

Vit D 38.9 (normal range)

TSH 0.08 (0.35 - 5.25)

FT4 21.6 (10 - 19.8)

Was put on Vit D for joint pain.

By May I was prescribed Gapapentin, the side effects were too much to handle even on only 300 mg (normal dosage a day is 900mg to 1600mg ) changed to Lyrica ...again I was started on 50mg normal dosage 150...never got pass 100mg, side effects even worse. Brain fog so bad I could not drive. Weaned myself off the Lyrica. Still in pain.

I was losing weight but presumed it was because of diet change because it was nice and slow. Then my hair started to fall out etc... symptoms got worse until one afternoon someone flicked that old switch and I just couldn't function. I cannot describe this feeling not to doctors or husband. But basically I am unable to do anymore than sleep..very badly and make my self some food that I cannot taste. To shower would mean another day of recovery. After two weeks like this I managed to make an appointment with docs.. drive myself there and get bloods done. I cannot drive due to brain fog and Im afraid I will crash one of these days. BTW husband works away all week.

My results came back

Vit D 68.6

TSH 0.08 (0.35-5.25)

FT4 23.8 (10 - 19.8)

SO... reduced down my Levo to 100mg. I asked to be referred to Endo (privately) as I pretty much had enough of this. Endo says my TSH is fine, same as his in fact and he is fine on it. Told me I'm menopausal and there is something else wrong of me ??? Its not my thyroid. Ever feel you just wasted your time and money. I spent the rest of the day crying!!! Still waiting for his letter. Sorry for the long story, first time on here. Would love an opinion on this.

BTW my Thyroid disfunction has been written off as the " It can happen at your age type one"

Going to work now... :)

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Ah. (facetiousness alert) You have that new mystery condition "Something Else" or SE. I think it will soon become a formal diagnosis.

Neither of those results include FT3, which for you is the vital test. Your FT4 is high - but the big question is are you converting effectively to T3? As your FT4 is above range your FT3 should also be above range - and I'll take a very large bet that it isn't. In which case you would probably benefit from adding some T3 to your thyroxine. Go back to your GP and insist that your FT3 is measured.

While you're there, ask for the "usual" range of tests - iron, ferritin, folate, Vit B12 and thyroid antibodies.

I cannot tell you how much I abhor doctors who glibly say to you something like "I take/get/blah blah and I'm fine so you should be too". It's rude, idiotic beyond belief and shows total lack of interest in the patient. I believe there are vacancies in the warehouses at various stores for those who lack any semblance of people skills.



Hi I have asked for T3 but was told they don't do it and My TSH is fine and therefore I must be converting. But my TSH is the same when I'm Hypo or Hpyer is that not a bit strange ... As for the SE .. I can add it to my list of CFS/me, fibro, depression, and peri menopause and RA will go back and ask again thank you


Go back to your doctor and insist the do the FT3 test. If all else fails, order it privately from Genova UK. thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...

Are you saying you've been "diagnosed" with ME and fibro and depressions etc?? If you are then your body is screaming T3 deficient and adrenal insufficient. While you're on the Genova UK website, order the saliva cortisol test. This might just be the most significant test.

imho ME/CFS are made up diseases like SE. Fibro is a symptom not an illness as is chronic fatigue. Depression is a classic thyroid/adrenal symptom.

Take control gal. You need to get all those tests done and then research the treatments. We're here to help you. For many the hardest step is letting go of their doctors idiocies and taking control of their own treatment. Your doctor might well change his/her tune when they see you know what you are talking about.


Hi Rosetree... thank you for your help, and yes I am saying they have diagnosed me with all of the above. I'm a walking miracle really lol x

I have fought and argued nicely to get this far, which is basically I know what is not wrong with me!!! I cannot get them to test me for Ft3.

I thought when I went to the Endo privately, that I could discuss it with him... but he liked the sound of his own voice and I lost concentration as I do. He told me and my husband....that there was too much noise in the room when we tried to talk... so I just gave up. I know from past discussions with doctors there is no point in letting them see me get upset as then the anti depressants appear and Im not depressed, I'm simply upset they are not listening.

He did say that my meds need tightening, but I have no idea what he meant..probably reduce them again. He also went through a whole list of possible illness that I may have... some he thought I was too young to have... but hey-ho add it to the list.... I await he letter eagerly (NOT)

I am trying to take control, it is hard, as my concentration is very poor and I am unable to read anything for longer than a few minutes, and then I cannot remember or make sense when I am speaking to the doctors. I feel pretty useless these days because of it... :( I try to write things down...my doctor is lovely and she does try to help but I get the feeling her hands are pretty tied by her practise. I will try to put a plan of action place. Thank you for the links I will get onto them today. You are very kind, and I appreciate the help. :)


Order the FT3 test privately from somewhere such as Genova UK or Blue Horizon. thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...

Don't let the *******s get you down.


Your vitamin D is still low. How's B12, folate and iron? You probably aren't converting T4 to T3. Can you get a free T3 test - private if necessary? If your TSH is under range and your T4 is over, the lab should test T3. I'd also consider some adrenal support (even if it is only ashwaghanda) as feeling ill is very stressful, so a vicious circle starts up.

If some of it is menopausal - did the endo do your bloods to find out? It's amazing that we can't have a thyroid problem without blood test, but we can suffer from menopausal symptoms when the doc has no idea what our hormone levels are. If you are very low or unbalanced, you might benefit from biohrt or a one of the herbal remedies.


Hi Angel of the North.... They said my Vit D was fine now...I will keep working on it. I haven't been tested for B12, Folate or Iron to the best of my knowledge but I will be asking for them to be done asap.

The Endo did not do a blood test for anything... in my opinion he had decided what my problems were and his solution to them before I even got to Cambridge, never mind when he spoke at me.

Im 52... Im sure I am peri menopausal...I was on combined HRT for night sweats, tiredness etc... Had to stop the first lot as they caused side effects... second lot were a bit better but I still had the same symptoms so I weaned myself off them, there was no point in taking them when the same symptoms continued.

The Doc keeps trying all these tablets and they have no beneficially effect only the horrible side effects. I have spend so much time time throwing up, feeling sick,dizzy, in pain and thats from tablets not the illness. I will never make a junkie!!!!!

I guess I was hoping they would eventually realise they just need to treat my thyroid correctly..but I guess that is not going to happen is it? I am putting a plan of action in place with the help of you lovely people and I will get my life back. I miss my social life :( I want a holiday where I come back rested not feeling tired!!! I want to go away for a weekend and not be throwing up and more than anything I want to have a relationship with my lovely patient husband again!!! Thank you :)


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