My face keeps feeling "burnt", does anyone else get this?

Hi everyone

I keep experiencing a burning face and now starting to question what it is and whether it's thyroid related. I've been googling and as usual, you come up with all sorts of reasons what it could be and then I start to panic so thought I would ask my "friends" on here if they experience it.

I'm on vit d and iron tablets so not sure if these could cause it??

I'm hypothyroid by the way and on 125mg Levo.

I STILL have painful feet (had this for ages) and I'm still taking deep breaths all the time which I'm taking to be lack of oxygen getting into my blood which is down to the low iron. I still feel tired during the day too.

Due to have a calcium, vit d, iron & thyroid test on Monday so hopefully this may throw some light on my current health but be good to hear from anyone else who gets a burning face!!

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I get this and I think it is adrenal, but that's only my opinion.

Moggie x

Hi Moggie

My face also feels slightly sore, does yours? x

Once the burning has stopped yes it does feel sore and it is noticeable red.

Moggie x

It's starting to ease now but has been going on for a good few hours. I've just posted on here about my eating habits today, I've not eaten all day, not good I know but do you reckon this has anything to do with it?

I need to understand "adrenals" better, I'm afraid when I try and read about it, it blows my mind :-(

Yes adrenals are very complicated and the worse thing s that there is no help from the doctors about it, unless they are massively over active or have totally packed up.

You are taking vitc with your iron and this helps the adrenals but apart from that it is a stress free life that would help them heal - and who has one of those!!!

Try doing another question on healing adrenals without meds and see what you get.

I have lots of adrenal stuff on my computer at work so if you want I will link them to you tomorrow.

Have a nice relaxing Sunday.

Moggie x

Hi Moggie, could you be kind and also link adrenal info to me ? Thanks

I'll put all that I have on to this question tomorrow, so keep an eye on it and you will find the links.

Moggie x

Thanks, lots of info to sift through and consider. Familiar with some of it but also a lot new to me - much appreciated. Just when one thinks one has heard it all something different turns up, and shows a different slant

Yep - you can actually drive yourself mad with all the info you have to

Moggie x

Agree!!! Regarding mad, I like the reply the Mad Hatter gave to Alice , when she asked "Are you mad". Reply:-

"Of course I'M mad, YOU'RE mad, we're ALL mad!"

Good excuse LOL x

Thank you very much Moggie, a nice "bumpf" of reading material for bed tonight!! x

i get this too but dont know what is causing it.

Hi, Retinol (vit A) which you get in some multi-vitamin tablets and cod-liver oil and also vit B6 gives me a red face with burning feeling. Are you taking any of these in supplements? Liz

Hi Liz

I'm only taking vit d & iron - I did buy additional supplements but thought I should avoid them until I had this latest blood test (Monday) in case they messed up the results.

Are you sure your burning face is caused by these supplements? Are you correctly medicated? I'm just wondering wether being over/under medicated could cause it??

Who knows eh?!

Hi Debsy, I think it was these supplements for me as the red face stopped when I stopped the multivits and also when I changed from cod liver oil to straight Omega 3. I have been both over and under-medicated with thyroxine but it didn't seem to give me face problems.

On the other hand, too much red wine definitely produces a distinct pinkness!

I hope you can work out the cause.


Ha ha, that made me smile! Funnily enough, I've just had a glass of wine and the burning sensation appears to be easing! Maybe I have the reverse affect to wine!! Sounds like a good cure for the burning to me!!


i not taking anything at the moment and wine doesnt do it - just happens, probably because i am so tired.

Hi Debsy, I get red burning cheeks, arms, shoulders, chest, legs and soles of feet. It flares up, can last 20 minutes or a few hours. GP doesn't know what it is, I haven't a clue either but it's been going on for several years. I've been tested for Lupus and RA numerous times but always negative. I know being negative doesn't rule things out but I have other stuff to deal with first (fatigue.) xx


I get burning feet a lot too. The burning face tonight has been going on for a good few hours. Interestingly, I've eaten very little today, I know it's no good but I've been so busy in my shop and wasn't able to get any food, I ate something about an hour ago and I think the burning sensation is starting to ease. I'm wondering wether it has anything to do with glucose levels???

I'm not an expert on any of this but I was also feeling a bit shaky, which again could suggest low glucose??

Can you relate to any if that?

Hi, not really. But it could be a possibility for you to explore. Maybe keep a food diary for a month or so?

There is no direct test for lupus. The best thing going as far as lupus tests is an antinuclear antibody test which is only positive in 90% of people who have lupus. Lupus is a DX of exclusion and diagnosis requires 4 of 11 criteria be met. If you think lupus fits, find a rheumatologist who understands this and see them. I will look for the review in nature I read recently and post it soon.

Thanks MD. I can always claim at least 5 on their list of 11. Though I didn't realise until recently that you didn't have to have them all at once, but at some time in the past. Doh. :-)

Assumed it was related to menopause :)

That's what a doctor probably would say! I guess it could be though, I'm 45. Funnily enough, I am probably currently ovulating so wonder if it could be hormonal?? Perhaps I should keep a diary

The trouble is they can blame menopause for about 20 years - fine unless you're waiting for treatment! I'm a great believer in diaries

Don't know about Debsy but not menopause-related in my case.

no its different

Hi, I also get a burning bright red face,mostly in the evenings,I asked the pharmacist at boots, she said it could be circulation problem...

That's really interesting Beverley, I suffer from swollen ankles, have a dodgy looking vein and some broken capillaries on my left leg which swells the worst. My left leg was particularly swollen last night when my face was burning. If it is to do with circulation, this would make a lot of sense to me.

Went to the docs a few years back about swelling, as per usual, was told it was nothing to worry about. Just like I was told my borderline thyroid result was nothing to worry about.........then I became seriously ill!!!

Google 'malar rash' and let us know if it looks like that.

Hi I read it's called thyroid butterfly? Don't know the medical cause but it might be in the name:)

The burning in lower legs , face and scalp came along with starting on Mercury Pharma Levo. It has eased a bit since starting Wockhardt Levo at the beginning of February. Janet.

Do a google on 'Erythromelalgia'. There's a good website called 'Living with Erythromelalgia' too

Redness of the face with a burning sensation can be nothing or something. One cause could be SLE (Lupus) which also is an autoimmune disease and is accompanied by fatigue and muscle weakness, it can have a face rash that resembles a butterfly going from one cheek across the bridge of the nose to the other cheek. Another cause could be Rosacea which gives a burning redness across the face. I have Rosacea and for years I thought that it was alcohol as it worsens when you have alcohol. I got it checked out when someone asked me if I had been on the Gin (as a joke).

Thanks Phoebs, some things to consider. I've been researching Lupus, trouble is so many hypo symptoms are similar to Lupus, it'd difficult to decipher. Have discovered that Seal had a form of a Lupus and has caused the scarring to his face. Poor chap :-(

I to get this, hot flush lasts about an hour, bright red face and chest. Have no idea what it is. From what I have researched is does point to adrenals xx

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