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Hi ,been to Endo in Perth for 2nd opinion.Very good Endo.

She said that after 14 years of unstable hashimotos ,changing dose every 6 -12 weeks that I have never been stable and that the body likes stability.

I have felt like death for over a year now,have to stop work.

She said that I should stay on same dose for 6 months for body to become stable again,even though I may feel worse.

After that if this does not work she will add t3 to my t4 .

What does everyone think ,I am so scared this does not work.

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Well what she is saying sounds feasible enough.... Why on earth have you suffered and changed your dose for 14 years! Hopefully if you get on a regular dose and its high enough, you might indeed settle down.... But if not then you get to try t3 in spring next year. Seems reasonable.... Any idea what your results have looked like and why the doc has been changing your dose all the time?


My doctor said the same thing actually when I was complaining about my symptoms. I was told the body needs to adjust and symptoms will improve if dose is stable for 6 to 12 months.


Hi, Susiebow, , Is your endo in Perth, Scotland and if so, does she do private work? I live near Dundee and like you have had issues with my thyroid many years with results going up and down for 30years! - I am having huge problems with unsympathetic GP , who won't test T4 and T3 .....If you could help with this request , please leave me a message, as I am desperate to find help for this dreadful disease. Many thanks!


Hi hwbrand,The Endo I saw was Laura Jordon,she is based at Ninewells.

Just ask your GP to refer yourself to her on NHS.She does clinics at Ninewells and PRI.

Your GP cannot refuse.Your GP should do t4 and t3 as labs at Ninewells do these tests,my GP requests these and may more tests without any bother,we live in same area.

Good luck ,Dr Jordon is very sympathetic and will hopefully get you on the right track.Let me know how you get on.


I totally agree with this new endo. You will probably need a T4/T3 combo but at least, hallelujah, she'll prescribe. Good for you for finding her.

I have not read your previous posts, but you know that Clutter '4' needs testing too. ferritin, B12, folate and Vitamin D. (I would suggest you find out and then if needed, supplement to optimal.)

Are you vegetarian? Because I think eating good quality animal protein will boost you as well.

However, saying that, I was carnivorous for several years and all my blood tests are great. But low thyroid is low thyroid. 'Hypo thyroid does not play nice in the sandbox. Just sits there and can't be bothered playing with ferritin, B12, vitamins A and D or folate.'


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