GP visit was unsettling

I have today been to my GP after having an appt with the endo consultant a couple of months ago. She gave me a copy of the the letter the endo wrote to her.. in this she states that I am over medicated as my TSH is 0.001 my t4 20 and my T3 3.39. As I have been feeling very tired and achey I was annoyed and told my GP that I did not want to reduce my dose of thyroxin . I asked her why they could not test to see if I was converting properly. she said the NHS does not do that. She has said she will not reduce the dose as long as I take on board the risks which she says could be osteoporosis atrial fibrillation and heart disease. MY pulse is 60 and I have put on a few pounds recently so I don't see how I am over medicated. However I would like your thoughts on this.

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  • Sylvia22 You don't need a 'test' to see if you are converting properly, your FT4 and FT3 will tell you that. Good conversion takes place when the FT4:FT3 ratio is 4:1 or less (your GP and endo may not know that). Your ratio is 5.89:1 so conversion doesn't look good.

    If you edit your post and put in the reference ranges members can comment. Without the ranges no-one can know where your results fall within their ranges, different labs often have different ranges.

    Your FT3 at 3.39 is actually unlikely to be at the top of the range and it is the FT3 result that is the important one and an over range FT3 tells you if you're over medicated. I expect your FT3 is quite low in it's range and you may need the addition of T3, but that is purely a guess without knowing the range. It seems as though your endo is doing what my GP did and is only going by your TSH.

  • THe range for T4 used to be 10 - 25. And T3 3 to 5 I think. The letter did't show ranges. But I asked GP for T3 rands and she said 3-5. I have just put a Petition on Facebook about Thyroid Disease.

  • Sylvia22 OK so we have

    FT4 - 20 (10-25)

    FT3 - 3.39 (3-5) - that actually is a very narrow range, we usually see something like 3.1-6.8

    Your FT4 is good, it's just reached the top third of the range which is where most people feel good.

    Your FT3 is less than a quarter way through the range so there is very little conversion taking place.

    If those ranges are indeed correct then you need the addition of T3 to your Levo. Getting your endo to agree to that could very well be like getting blood out of a stone. Most people feel best with FT3 in the top quarter of the range, with your range that would be 4.5

  • OK. Thing is about10 yrs ago I went overactive as I went to see Dr Skinner and he added T3 to my medication and just kept telling me to increase it. I became very ill and had to go to BUPA to get sorted as my GP said it was nothing to do with being overmedixated.

  • Sylvia22 When using any form of T3, it's important to ensure that FT3 doesn't go over range. Long term, over range T3 will cause health problems. So if you are considering adding T3 to your Levo, make sure that FT3 is tested as well as TSH and FT4.

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  • Thanks for all the info.

  • How are your levels of FERRITIN - FOLATE - B12 -VITD ? All need to be Optimal for T4 to T3 conversion to take place and for you to feel well.

  • My GP said they won't do those. I did have them done about a year ago and they all came back within range but They didn't do V It D or B12.

  • Being in range is one thing - but it is where you are in the range that is so important. Ferritin and Folate both need to be halfway in the range. Do you have the results ? Also VitD and B12 are VERY important tests - so many people on this forum fine they are very low in both ....

  • DO NOT reduce your meds based on blood tests alone. Demand a full examination.

  • My GP said I could go on taking the same dose as long as I took on board the risks This in itself is a bit unsettling but I do not have any symptoms of being over medicated so am going to continue taking same dose She gave me a copy of the consultant Endo letter

  • Stick to whats making you feel better. DON'T reduce if you don't want to, the scare stories the doctors drum up is to hide what theydon't know.

  • Thanks.

  • Thanks to everyone who replied. This is a wonderful site.

  • Same experience here Sylvia, putting the frighteners on.

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