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Slightly surpressed TSH but doctor AGREED to increase my levo dose


I went today with my latest blood results and took the Dr Toft article I explained about still experiencing symptoms and she agreed to increase my levo dose to 150 from 125. She said that she knows of one person in the practice on T3 and said that she may look at referring me to an endo if this doesn't work.

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Excellent, sounds like a keeper! I hope the increase in dose is enough to make a difference :)

Thanks seaside Susie although I've had a delivery of thyrogold this morning so I,ll try the increase in levo for now and see how I go?

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Clairewalker751

Yes, personally I would try the increased dose of Levo for a couple of months or so. GP seems to be fairly on board, and if it's a case of Levo at the right dose works then that is so much easier and cheaper than going the DIY route which may result in no support at all from your GP.


Sounds good.

A month ago your Medichecks test showed falling B12. Did you start supplementing, plus Vitamin B complex?

Yes slow dragon I'm on Jarrows B-right how long to i stop it for before my next test? Thank you

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Clairewalker751

Some say 1-2 days, but I give it longer at 4-5 days to be on safe side.

Thank you !

Should I be taking B12 in addition to the B-right slow dragon?

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Clairewalker751

Do you have any symptoms? Pins and needles, etc?

If so yes.

I do take 1000mcg B12 daily at moment, as started getting pins and needles again recently, but I had months just on B-right.

Initially when I started B-right I had terrible pins & needles so took 3-4 1000mcg B12 lozenges a day, reduced after 2-3 months and then stopped

I stop B12 too a few days before blood test, but it takes months for B12 levels to fall to pre-supplements levels

Ok thank you i cant say I have symptoms at the moment but do have some B12 I could be taking along side my Jarrows to get my levels up

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Clairewalker751

Apparently we just pee out excess.

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