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Anti Bodies - results!


Just got my results.

TPO - 866, (range up to 150)

Other antibodies (didn't catch name), 414 (range up to 150)

So pretty high but my consultant has advised a watchful waiting approach. My T3 and T4 ranges are low but because they're still just about in range he said they're normal and he dismissed my symptoms as not being due to my thyroid.

What should I do? x

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Another Endo who has absolutely no idea how to treat Auto-immune conditions. Whilst the thyroid is under attack from anti-bodies it will need support from medication such as T4. It says it all that your FT4 and FT3 are low in range - sounds as if your thyroid is beginning to fade already.

How are you feeling ? Have you thought about going gluten free to help with the reduction of anti-bodies ?

If you would like more information about Hashimotos - please ask - and I will post good books and websites.

Have you had the basics tested ? B12 - Ferritin - Iron - Folate - VitD ?

Waiting is NOT a good idea - not being treated will lead to other complications. A stitch in time saves nine :-)

There are 50 million people in the States with auto-immune issues and is the 3rd biggest cause of death after cancer and heart disease. There is a summit coming up soon about Auto-immune issues - check out the post this morning by PR4NOW and you can sign up for it. Am afraid it is all about learning and helping yourself on the road to wellness.

I was diagnosed with Hashimotos at 59 in 2005 and am still dealing with the fallout :-)


Sorry I made a mistake - HERE is the link to the Auto-immune Summit....



Thanks for reply. I dont thonk they tested my Vit D etc but I've started taking a supplement. I have so many symptoms and the endo just wont help. There is no way I'm just waiting but I just dont know what to do! I'm willing to go gluten free but i really would like to be having proper medical care first x


Also what medication should I be asking for and what other tests, e.g. ferritin etc? This is all very difficult because I just don't really know what I'm doing and just keep getting told that I'm ok for now! When I asked endo about my symptoms he just said they were not thyroid specific!


Sorry I have only just read your replies - I did not receive them. If you want to reply to someones post - click onto Reply beneath their post. Just noticed your new post so wanted to double check things before replying as it all sounded familiar.

My reply above covers all the important points and finding someone to treat Hashimotos is difficult as many Docs in the UK have little idea how to treat Auto-immune issues. It is ALL about healing the gut. I posted this morning about Datis Kharrazian - if you read his books you will not need an Endo. It is all about taking care of yourself I am afraid if you want to be well. Also check out Izabella Wentz - her websites and book - Hashimotos - The Root Cause.

Did you sign up for the Auto-immune Summit I posted above ? Am afraid it is all about reading and learning. I only know this as I have been on this forum for some time and learnt from others who have been generous enough to point people in the right direction - to good websites/books/articles etc.

Good luck :-)



Thank you for replying. Yes Ive registered for summit and I've started reading up on what to do etc, but I'm lost and I also want proper medical care along with taking a more holistic approach. My endo said 'if you had 100 people 10 of them would have anti bodies and so its not that big a deal'. I'd like to see someone more sympathetic.


When I was diagnosed - with in range FT4 FT3 TSH - I only had HIGH anti-bodies. So I was started on a LOW dose of T4. This was back in 2005. I had some improvements and later went on to a T4/T3 combination. As my FT3 remained LOW I went T3 only over two years ago....

Supplements - Selenium - B complex - B12 injections - Zinc - Magnesium - VitC - VitD

T3 - 12.5 mcg x 4 .... Gluten Free.

So it has been a long journey and one I have worked out mostly for myself - and following the knowledge shared on this forum. Am afraid you can waste a great deal of time trying to find the perfect Doc. who will have the treatment plan you seek....

Good luck....


Thanks again for great info. I'm going to start taking supplements but I probably need tests for vitamin levels first. In also considering going gluten free but I'm not excited by the prospect but if it helps I will do it!

This afternoon I had a conversation with an endo in lodon who was just lovely, unfortunately he's poorly himself and so isn't taking patients bit he said I should be treated as with a trial there's nothing to lose and my TPO is very high. He referred me to a friend whom he trained with and I've managed to get an appointment for next Wednesday! Feel more positive xx


Good news !


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