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Question about Anti bodies


I am just looking back over my old tests and results.

When I was originally diagnosed as Hypothyroid in Feb. 2011my G.P. said the test for antibodies had come back and I did not have the autoimmune type of hypo.

Looking now at the result can anyone please advice on it.

I rang the receptionist last year after joining this the forum as I never thought to ask for the result at time and she said,

Thyroid antibodies 58 range 0 - 75

Does this definitely mean I do not have Hashi's

Thank you browny

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You didn't have autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) then, Browny.


Many thanks Clutter, does this mean that I cannot have Hashimoto's in the future, or will I have to have the antibodies check periodically to check for it.


I should think it is possible that autoimmunity can develop in the future. I don't know whether there is value in periodical checks. Treatment is the same for hypothyroidism whether it is caused by Hashimoto's or other reasons although optimising meds might be more difficult with Hashi's if there are fluctuations when the thyroid sputters in and out of usefulness.


Many thanks Clutter.

Do you happen by chance to know anything about the 24 hour urine test as I have recently had one and am really confused by the result.


No, can't help you. Ask a new question, plenty here do understand it.


O.K. many thanks anyway, you have helped many times before.


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