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Hypothyroidism & menopause meds

I have been really suffering with chronic tiredness over the last 6 month or more. I am on 100mcg of thyroxine. Last blood test 2 months ago came back as ok but this tiredness and wanting to go to sleep is exhausting especially when i work full time. I supplement with Vit D, Omegas, Folic Acid and have B12 injections ev 3 months. My skin has got drier, hair dry and falling out but I have v think hair anyway. I dont suffer from weight gain, luckily, if anything people say I look to gaunt and thin (154 kilos 5.4" so pretty normal weight for height). I went thru a phase of having periods ev 2 weeks, none for 3 months, 1 day 2 months later and no period since although symptons of one coming on always there. I asked my GP for HRT as one of my bloods, according to the results, said i had or was going thru the menopause. I have the prescription for prempak .625mg/0.15 mg but have not started them yet. Do they have any affect on thyroxine meds? I did not think to ask and am very cautious about mixing meds and taking new medication due to reactions previously with antibiotics etc. I would be grateful of anyones advices/opinions please. I turned 50 this year so i know it is inevitable. Sorry if this question is long winded.

Many thanks

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Hi Norwood, thanks for posting. I'm sorry you've had no replies.


Thank you Clutter. I subsequently started on the HRT not noticed any changes though. Had a scan recently which showed an adenoma on adrenal gland which they say is benign but now some fluid in lower abdomen that needs investigating. Never ending with these hospitals lol :) Hope your well and thank you for replying.

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Norwood, I hope it isn't serious and they can sort it out quickly and painlessly.


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