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Hi. New to the site. I am hypothyroid taking 125mcg Levothyroxine daily and perimenopausal. Im 48 years old and have been taking thyroxine for about 8 years. Not at all happy with T4 only meds and need to do something about this, not sure what though? I would like to have bloods done for a baseline, to try and work out treatment, but not sure what to get tested. Does anyone know of a complete blood test list? Do i also need to test bloods for menopause hormones? Want to get sorted out before menopause hits! Also can I get all of the blood tests done with GP, if not, how do I get them taken?

Many thanks

8 Replies
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Ask your doctor what they can test first before paying for private tests. See if they will test vitamin D, B12, folate and ferritin.

Prepare for menopause by increasing your calcium intake with good food. 15 good foods listed here.


As eostrogen levels drop your body's ability to absorb calcium falls so you need more in your diet. Keep your bones strong with a good diet. K2-MK7 helps calcium to get to where it needs to be in your bones.

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Be aware that estrogen dominance which is common in perimenopause may effect absorption of levothyroxine and/or conversion of T4 to T3. I am on the cusp of menopause and my body has recently completely rejected my levothyroxine.

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Hi. Just wondering what symptoms you have to know that your body is rejecting levothyroxine please? Sometimes I really don't know if Im just having a bad day and tired because i am so busy and I'm getting older or if its my hypothyroidism!? Thanks

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Do you or anyone else have any advice on how to determine whether you actually suffer from estrogen dominance? What should the estrogen-progesterone ratio ideally look like?

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I would be interested to know the answer to this too...

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As I near the end of perimenopause I have been exercising everyday by walking and have lost about 15kgs. I have more energy but my skin was becoming very dry along with my hair and I became increasingly heat intolerant. My hot flashes returned with a vengeance and I literally felt my levothyroxine was toxic to me. Recently I had become hyperthyroid and I am wondering if my thyroid was springing back into life. I am currently being treated for adrenal fatigue. This may have been part of my hypothyroidism in the first place.

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I was told to alter my levithyroxine if I felt hypersymptoms. I too exercise everyday and only just maintaining my weight which is 14kg more than l should be for my height. What can we do? I despair. Research is needed on thyroid and metabolism. I am on 150mg and some days take 100mg especially if bowels are very loose.

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If you are on a PC there are 10 posts similar to yours to the right of your Post - maybe you will find some useful information there. On a phone - then scroll down and down until you see the heading RELATED POSTS .... for the same thing :-)

Everything about the Thyroid Testing on the main website of this Forum.


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