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Good endo clued up on menopause?

Hi, I have hashimotos and am on 125mg of levo. I have a reasonably sympathetic GP but they don't offer anything other than TSH testing. I saw a wonderful private prof at the London Clinic years ago who put me on levo and did masses of tests but he is about to retire. I'm gluten free, take a good range of supplements etc and carefully watch the autoimmune side of things. I'm nearly 5o and the am experiencing distressing hot flushes and general malaise, fatigue etc. It's time for a good check up and I'm hoping someone might know of a good endo who also has experience with menopause. I have Bupa. Thanks!

Recommendations via private messages please in line with posting guideline #24, thank you, Clutter.

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Janiebell, why not ask the retiring professor for a recommendation? You can email for recommended thyroid endos but you'll probably have to check with the endo whether they are knowledgeable about menopause.

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I have just the same issues so if you get any pms I would be grateful if you forward them. Thanks


Will let you know!


I am in a similar situation, but don't know what is responsible for what symptoms - meno or my Hashi's. I would also be interested in any recommendations you receive if you don't mind sharing :)


Will do!


Thank you!!


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