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Any good Doctor/endo in Belfast area


We may be moving to Belfast next year, I live at present in France and after a lot of fighting with my GP, have finally changed medication to L-Thyroxin from Levo. (Lots of problems here in France with the new formula) Have no Thyriod taken out due to large lumps covering all of it, approximately 14 years ago.

My problem is need to find an understanding caring doctor who will monitor me correctly. Over the last 5years it has been more and more difficult here to get a good doctor. My original endo was brillant, but after 10years moved my care over to my general doctor who is rubbish and every appointment has become a fight! I’m tired of all of this, so when we move would like to find a good doctor/endo

Hope someone has some info if so please private message me

Thank you

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I’ll pm you with my experiences and names.

Thank you

Hi Mourneadventurer,

Could you please PM the details as well. 👍 Many thanks.

J 🍀

s-bailey in reply to Jose651

Hello could you please pm me those details of good doctors/ endo

EbonyEvans in reply to s-bailey

This post is a year old. You would probably be better off. Writing a post and requesting recommendations on a new post. If you email Dione at She will send you a list of good / recommended Endos in your area.

s-bailey in reply to EbonyEvans

Hi, I have already done unfortunately no doctors on the list here which is why I searched through posts for Belfast to see if anyone had details of good docs who haven't made it to the list

Jose651 in reply to s-bailey

Hi s- bailey,

It's mourneadventurer who has the details that you are looking for.

You will find her further back up this thread.


Can you please re send those details I’ve lost the name etc thank you

I’ll pm you.

Thank you

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