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Advice on what to ask the endo on wed please

I'm feeling nervous because my Dr referred me in may as she didn't know what my results meant. But last week I was started on levo as my levels suddenly shot up. Can I ask for an ultra sound? What will he ask me? Do they do more blood tests and will he give out a private prescription for natural thyroid do you know please as I'm struggling with nausea on levo. thank you.

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You could ask for an Ultrasound scan of your Thyroid if you wish, but you could have asked GP for that.

Do you think it would be a good idea to simply list all of your symptoms and make sure you give Endo full info?

You already know that you have Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis.

You haven't been on Levothyroxine long enough to feel the benefit yet.

Constipation is a symptom of Hypothyroidism. If you are suffering from this, then it can cause nausea.

Do you have slightly low body temperature? Do you have hair loss or chin hair growth? Make sure to note down weight gain.

If you haven't yet asked for blood tests to check nutrients levels in particular Vitamin D, B12, Folate and Ferritin then you should ask for these. Being Hypothyroid you may have absorption issues.



I notice on your first post that you were only given the 25mcg of Levothyroxine last week. If Endo doesn't suggest it , then if I were you I would ask for 50mcg daily.

You should be retested in several weeks time and have dose increased to 75mcg.

If you are found to have nutrients deficiencies and are given supplements - take them 4 hours after your Levothyroxine with food if you take your Levothyroxine early morning. If you take Levo at night then take supplements with breakfast.

You should start to feel better in the coming months.

It would help if you could avoid caffeine, drink extra water and eat healthy diet. X🐥


Thank you I will start making notes like you say. I have all the symptoms you mention and I will really try to persevere on my levo medicine I'm trying so hard get information and get paper work and notes ready for Wednesday. I'm trying to take things min by min because I've been in such a anxious state I felt I was dying. Thank you for all your advice x


Having undiagnosed Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis (which causes underactive Thyroid gland) can make you feel so unwell, really awful, anxious and depressed. This is because every cell in the body needs the hormone Thyroxine, in order to function. Without it, the body doesn't work properly. So we have many symptoms, as every organ suffers.

The metabolism isn't working properly, we're tired, sluggish, the weight suddenly increases etc.

Every time we have a cold, sore throat or any infection - as our antibodies increase to fight it - then our Thyroid gland gets more severely attacked.

As our Thyroid gland gets attacked by our own antibodies it doesn't produce enough Thyroxine for our body's needs. So our Pituitary Gland starts to over work in producing more Thyroxine Secreting Hormone (TSH).

So we need Levothyroxine to replace the hormone we lack BOTH to function properly, be well again - AND to protect our Pituitary Gland from overworking.

Levothyroxine takes a while to get into the system so it is unlikely that any symptoms suffered after just a couple of days can be put down to our Levo.

Anxiety, fear and dread can cause stress which itself makes us feel more unwell. Sadly, this has happened to many of us on here. The good news is that you will find lots of support here from people who really understand what you are going through and genuinely care.

I suffered severe illnesses whilst undiagnosed. Heart and liver made good recovery, but I have permanent bowel conditions now. Some throat problems. I should have been on Levothyroxine many years sooner. Lost two good jobs to ill health.

So, wouldn't be without my Levo. I have my life back.

My GP sent me for the Ultrasound scan when I asked him. The morning after the scan he made urgent referal to the Endo. The Endo arranged urgent Short Synacthen Test to check my adrenals first before giving the ok to start my Levo.

So remember to write down every symptom. Also list your questions. Not forgetting to ask for blood tests for nutrients levels. Then, if you're nervous on Wednesday you could just ask Endo to read your list. I often write lists as my mind goes blank sometimes when I'm called in, especially if I'm tired. I always think of something I wish I'd said when I come out!

All the best for Wednesday. Let's know how it goes.




Just tell him you are far more unwell on levothyroxine, even a Brand name, that you want him to make you well. Don't go into too much detail and let him suss out what's the best for you. Say your doctor is unable to help so you've been referred to him/her for a solution.

The fact is that some people are intolerant to levothyroxine.

No medical personnel seem to be aware of any clinical symptoms at all. They only look at the TSH and T4 and pronounce whether or not you need to be prescribed T4 or if you are on sufficient. Before blood tests were introduced along with levo all doctors know the symptoms and looked at our appearance, felt pulse etc. all outwards signs.


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