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Thyroid Blood results

I've been on T3 for around 12 months now on the recommendation of Dr P. Was taking Thyroxine 200mcg for 30 odd years after total thyroidectomy. GP reluctantly prescribed 20mcg Liothyronine, which I supplement with Cytomel from Mexico 25mcg. Have been getting increasingly tired and cold of late - GP took bloods 4 weeks ago and the results are T4 (range 12-22) 0.3; TSH (range 0.3-4.2) 1.32; T3 (range 3.1-6.8) 3.9. GP has prescribed 50mcg Thyroxine but says the TSH and T3 are fine. Am really reluctant to take Thyroxine again as it caused me dreadful joint pains which is why I consulted Dr P in the first place who told me to stop taking it. Not sure what to do now. Can't afford another consultation with Dr P but am literally dragging myself around every day and have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism. I'd be very grateful for any thoughts on this. Many thanks.

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Marlathome, Oral T3 often lowers FT4 but yours is lower than any I've seen.

I couldn't tolerate T4 monotherapy which made me very ill but I do well on T4+T3 combination therapy. The T3 seems to calm the adverse effects I experienced on T4 only.

If you are determined not to resume T4 increase your T3 by 10/12.5mcg for a couple of weeks before increasing it further if you are still symptomatic. Your FT3 is very low and T3 is the active hormone needed in every cell. More T3 will lower your TSH and may even suppress it. 45mcg T3 is a low dose for a thyroidless patient. I was prescribed 60mcg after surgery and prior to RAI. I'm currently prescribed 100mcg T4 plus 40mcg T3.


Thank you so much for your very helpful reply, Clutter. I certainly cannot carry on like this and so may have no choice other than to take Thyroxine alongside the T3. Can I ask how/what time of day you take your meds? Currently I take my T3 first thing in the morning a couple of hours before food. Thanks again for your help.


Marlathome, I didn't notice any difference between nightime and morning dosing but I like to snack at night so I switched back to morning dosing. Currently take T4+T3 in the morning and 2nd T3 dose at bedtime.


Many thanks - will give the combined dose a trial for a month and see where that gets me.


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