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Can somebody please help? I have purchased NDT from Thailand. I started taking one per day, however, I was told that NDT does not work with anti-depresents? I take venlafixine 185mg in the morning.

I am suffering really bad with the menopause (severe depression and anxiety) I do feel I need these anti-depresents.

What can I do?

I also take Vit C with my ferrous folate.


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Gillandandy, NDT absorption can be affected by antidepressants but that usually means the dose of NDT needs adjusting. Just make sure to take your NDT 2 hours away from Venlafaxine.


How are you doing with your B12 injections ? Are you taking folci Acid with them as they work together in the body. How are your iron - Ferritin - Folate levels now ? Also VitD ? All these things if still low will cause you to feel depressed. Also the Thyroid hormones will NOT work when they are low.

Had a peep at your other posts.....



Thanks fro you reply. Just found out from blood tests that my TSH level has gone up from 3 to 4.9! I am not sure how much more of NDT to take??

Also my folate acid is high as with my B12 (apparently?).

Still feel terrible though ....really depressed and so tired..


Your B12 test - if taken recently - will show high as you are having injections. So it is skewed. It is important to go by symptoms. Do you have the latest guidelines for treating B12 and Folate deficiency ? It states that Clinicians must observe and treat clinical signs....

Do you have your results with ranges of all your tests....let people here have a look and possibly help. Without results it is difficult...



Thanks Marz foryour reply. Thats some reading! (bcsh guidelines)..... Im still not sure how much TSHto take at the moment...I was taking one tab in morning with Anti-depresents. However, on advice I will change to at least 2hrs between....

Not read bcsh guidelines yet......but will do...


Gillandandy, increase your NDT by 1/2 grain every two weeks until your symptoms resolve.

How much Levothyroxine were you taking prior to NDT? 1 grain is equivalent to 75mcg-100mcg T4, but if your TSH was 3.0 you were undermedicated. TSH should be just above or below 1.0 for most people to feel comfortable.

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My mum takes ndt and antidepressants and has had no issues as far as I'm aware. She felt much better when she changed from levo to ndt. Good luck!


I have just started taking NDT and I take it with my antidepressants in the morning. I will post on here how I get on.


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