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'Normal' blood results and self medicating ?

Hi all,

Hoping for some advice, just to recap I've had my tsh and FT3 and FT4 done several times now due to seeing my gp with various 'hypo' symptoms. I was referred to an NHS endo after my FT4 was found to be just under range - 11.8 (12-24) my tsh was 0.79. After a cortisol test and growth hormone test I was discharged by the endo as he felt my symptoms were unrelated to my thyroid or pituatary gland. I have started taking half a grain of armour in the morning in a desperate attempt to feel better and plan to increase to another half a grain at night. Has anybody else had a simular story they could share with the outcome ? Do you feel better ? Have you had a blood test since ? If so what were your results !

I'd be very grateful for any replies

Many thanks in advance x

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I saw my GP last yr with many symptoms of Hypo. My TSH was 3.05, FT4 11.3 and FT3 4. She put my symtoms down to CFS but referred me to an Endo. He too agreed that my symptoms could not be thyroid related as my TSH was in range. I have since seen a private Homeopathic GP who said that with a low FT4 my symptoms could well be thyroid related. He started me on Nutri Thyro Complex and Nutri Adrenomax to support my thyroid and adrenals and has now just started me on 30mg every other day for 2 wks and then 30mg daily if I feel the need to increase. I am due to start this on Mon. So it looks like we are both in a similar position. I am looking forward to an improvement and will post my progress. Good luck.


A low in range TSH and FT4 under range is classic for secondary hypothyroidism. One way forward would be to find another doctor who understands this (you might need to do some research and print some stuff off for your GP) .

On the other hand, with an FT4 that low, FT3 is bound to be low as well, so you could experiment with the Armour and see how you get on.

The treatment for primary and secondary hypothyroidism are the same anyway.


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