vocal chord paralised after tt in jan14.has anyone else had this and have you had any succesful treatment to help optimise voice and choking

also although my tsh is under 1 and t4 and t3seems to be fine plus i have had 2 ferratin infusions which have brought ferritin to normal as is vitd and b12. i take 150/175 levo. THis week i have been itchiing all over and having hot sweats- any ideas. Saw ent specialist and he said one of my vocal chords is stuck open, this has affected the tone and strength of my voice and also causes me to choke frequently. im going to have speech theraphy and also could have injections in my vocal cord.does anyone have experience of these problems please

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  • Hi Isam in the same boat, no treatment for me possible. It is hard as no one hears me now and cannot swallow anything. I have an enlarged thyroid with nodules. Have you had a thyroid ultra sound?Mine mostly down to illness and weak muscles, been investigated etc.

    re the other symptoms have you had a very recent blood, TSH, T4 and FT3?Did YOU have the results yourself on a print out? Worth also having LFT`s, liver function done re itching etc.


  • TT for me in November 12. I had no problems with vocal chords but suffered terribly with t4 only treatment....itching all over, sweats, massive headaches, aching all over etc. NHS was no help because bloods were normal. I was on 175/150 mcg alternate days.

    I took matters into my own hands, and am now feeling "normal" on 3 grains Natural Dessicated Thyroid daily. Best decision I ever made. Good luck with your voice therapy. Hope all goes well.

  • Hi Yes it can be the meds ,good job you found out.I itch like mad with my liver,it is horrible.

    Best wishes,


  • No but I've just had my surgery and my voice just seem to be not improving

  • After my TT some years ago my voice was very weak and scratchy and I couldn't get any sound out to sing along to songs etc. (A friend said why would I want to sing!). I was under the impression my vocal cords etc had been damaged in surgery. Anyway fortunately everything went back to normal and talking and singing is just like before the op. Can't remember how long it to to get back to normal but as I was aware it could happen I wasn't too worried.

  • I hope your voice recovers.

    It sounds as if you are sensitive to the fillers/binders re itching. I have read that if you take an anti-histamine 1 hour before meds and you don't have a reaction it's the medication. The Endo will have to give you an alternative if it works.

    I would like to know if this works as i haven't had to try it myself and no-one has reported that it did/didn't work.

    It must be terribly uncomfortable to itch.

  • Hi,

    I had vocal chord problems after TT. My vocal chords did not open properly rather than being stuck open which meant I had difficulty breathing due to stridor. Speech therapy helped enormously. I was fortunate to see an ENT specialist who is quite a renowned vocal chord specialist & NHS! He said the recovery period for vocal chords can be 18 months to 2 years - sorry don't want to depress you but don't want you to be despondent because I was told by endo it would only take 6 months. I still have problems but that is because I have not yet found my optimum replacement. I do still choke on occasions but the advice I was given definitely helped - avoid spicy food, chilli, pepper etc, don't try to overstrain voice as that makes things worse. Things have definitely improved but it did take some while and I can eat mildly spicy food again.

    As regards the itching - I had terrible itching for months but it has settled. It is my view (not at all medical only experience) that TT is such shock to the body that it just does not know what to do for a while and either under or over reacts to everything. I have been told it can take 2 years for everything to settle down.

  • Hope you get the right help & feel better soon.

    My "itchiing all over and having hot sweats" was because after my TT Thyroxine started my early menopause.

  • Sue, there is a remedy for healing of the throat due to acid reflux. It makes me wonder if it would help your vocal cords. Using fresh ginger root run through a juicer. Keep the juice refrigerated and each morning take one teaspoon on an empty stomach. Sip it as it will have some burn to it and wait a half an hour. People have reported it has been helpful.

  • You might try some scar integration therapy.

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