had tt jan have since found i have a paralised vocal chord which will never come back

does anyone else have any experience of this and if so have they found any particular treatments or tips that might help. i had lttle or no voice for months and continuois choking.i have a monotne toneless voice, i cant alter tone or pitch and i cant sing etc. i saw ent a month ago and he said it wont improve pitch but he has now referred me to vocal coach next month. also as it affects my telephone voice and longevity at speaking at meetings and choking on stupid things ,like fresh squeezed juice with the tiny bits, he said there is an injection i could try.

i opted for the first option initially but does anyone else have this problem post tt and have you had treatment -what was the success ,pros and cons please

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  • No experience of that at all, but thought this might be of some interest - maybe worth passing on to your doctors.


    I don't even pretend to understand it properly.


  • That sounds dreadful. It's bad enough having a TT, without finding you have a problem with your voice afterwards.

    I hope they can be helpful in restoring your voice in some way.

  • Sorry to read this, it sounds awful. Were you warned in advance that it might happen?

  • After my PT my voice was very weak but it did return (not the singing voice fully 'tho) I was warned of this.

    I have seen several posts that voice coaching really helps. Meanwhile I still choke on water, thin liquid especially, still better than a dodgy lump in my neck.....

    Best wishes Jane :D

  • Spareribs it seems curious to me that, if you were warned about the possibility of this, endocrinologists who carry out this surgery and know the risk don't already have specialists to send patients like you and sued007 to for treatment straight away. I'd have thought it was their duty to find the right person or treatment to resolve it, not leave patients to sort it out themselves.

  • Your point is absolutely right - it certainly is what should happen.

    Revising - to add this:

    If anyone is going through the pre-operative consent process, perhaps it would be worth saying at that time: "And if I do suffer voice problems, what processes do you have for helping me?" And getting the answer in writing.

    It should NOT be necessary.


  • Have you seen this thread? healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

    A vocal coach may be able to do much to help you. I so hope that's the case. The idea of someone with a sharp knife wandering around near my vocal chords is, for me, the stuff of which nightmares are made.

  • I had a partial thyroidectomy in March 2014 and have been experiencing problems with my voice. I have an odd rasping sound when I speak, especially if I have to speak for a while or at the end of the day when I'm tired. My singing voice is more affected, with loss of top notes and it also cracks up if I push my voice at all. This is a problem as I sing in one choir and lead another. I am due to see the ENT consultant next month and I am hoping to be referred to a voice coach at the least but I'm interested to know else would help. I'll post here if he comes up with anything helpful.

    Hope you make some better progress - you seem to have suffered much worse damage than I have. It must be very frustrating for you.

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