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Been on T3 for 5 years from NHS feeling great since start.Prescription now pulled. Saw Endo privately (local NHS man) Happy to continue prescribing as long I pay to see him,no to supply as NHS patient. Ethical or what,this would cost me around£ 2k p/a,can,t afford it. Has anyone out there used Cytomel from Mexico. Is it reliable and a consistently safe product? Can,t just believe what it say,s on their site. Any opinion on this would be much appreciated! Thanks All.

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  • Rondosa,

    There are several members who use the Mexican Cytomel and are very satisfied with it.

    Have you written to your practice manager asking why your T3 is withdrawn? It's probably because of cost but your practice is unlikely to admit that and may have responded to an instruction from the CCG. When you get the practice letter attach it to an appeal to the CCG outlining the reasons Levothyroxine didn't work for you and formally request your T3 be reinstated. Copy your MP on the CCG letter.

  • Thank you very much Clutter, I was feeling quite desperate as which ever way I turned there was wall,I used to have an Idea how the old system worked but not now. I have tried to contact PALS for help and clarity on how the system works now. I have complained to my Practice and await there response. I will pursue this as you suggest. At 73 and on a small pension the other way is not a financial possibility.

    Many Thanks . Jean

  • The other possibility is to get your T3 in NDT. Its a LOT cheaper than synthetic T3. I buy mine from Thailand (amazingly with my GP's blessing) and it costs me about £100 a year.

  • Could you pm me with details please Ruthi

  • Can u plz pm details of this plz Ruthi

  • My t3 was stopped by the doc and I said it must be on cost grounds.... I complained loudly in the surgery and eventually the doc said he would call the CCG. He called me the next day and said the ccg had agreed to fund it as I have been stable on it for 10 years.

    Truth is I don't even take the prescriptions to the chemist, but I get them Every month as insurance in case I can't get my meds from abroad. I used to take the Mexican t3 because it was consistently good, but swapped to NDT a few years ago. I much prefer the NDT to the t4 t3 combination. It keeps me on a more even keel.

    Ask your doc to call the ccg.

    G xx

  • why have they stopped your t3 , that is dreadful and unacceptable..

  • I've been using the Mexican T3 for over 2 years now. Only once have I received some that I thought wasn't right, it could of course have been my shonky body! You need to be organised with purchasing as the shipping can take some time so it's worth keeping a good stock level.

    Of course you shouldn't have to do this so definitely make formal complaints to the Practice Manager, CCG and your MP.

  • I've just got back from my hols in Greece bought a years supply there of T3 over the counter. Couldn't believe how cheap it is. €2 a box of 30! I'd book a cheap hol to greece for a week and stock up. Far cheaper than paying out £2g to an endo plus you get a nice holiday too!

  • But if you were searched on return to UK would the customs allow you to bring in a load of prescription meds? Otherwise it sounds like a good plan ;)

  • I have all sorts in my case. Meds I take out and Meds I bring back. I don't carry my prescription with me either. I travel with tramadol, volterol, T3, metformin, iron tablets, nutri-adrenal extra, nutri thyroid, etc

    I split the 12 between 3 cases in between clothes. It's the same if you order over the internet I suppose.

  • Mexican t3 is fine and works. So many people do it and do fine and it's inexpensive. Why spend all that money on that new doctor. Same thing happened to me. I have never had a problem getting it delivered.

  • Thanks Faith63, all the comments on this I have received on this are positive which is very encouraging.

    Just placed my first order. Roughly how long does it take for delivery to UK.

  • Can u pm me details plz

  • good for you. i have a friend who remains ill with high rt3 and won't go on all t3. i have no clue how long it takes to the UK. in the states it takes 2-3 weeks.

  • I am trying to order cynomel from Mexico and the company told me there is a problem at the border, so it would take longer to get it. I don't know if this is a scam or runaround...

  • I think less likely to be a scam. If they were scammers, well they took your money, and have no further interest in you, unless they could get you to pay again, which seems very unlikely. So why bother responding to you at all?

    We have heard of occasions when there have been border issues in Mexico - and they have caused delays. So at least sometimes it has been absolutely true.


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