I've heard that Cytomel is an excellent supplement to take with NDT to help with your T3 levels. I'm taking 5 grains of nature throid a day (I have no thyroid at all and have been upping my dose until I feel somewhat normal) I take three in the morning one at lunch and one before bed. How much Cytomel would be a good starting dose? How much did you start with? I only ask as I don't want to overdose. I cannot go to my Drs for advice as they do not know I am on NDT as they pretend they have never heard of it so I self medicate, this is why I am asking on here.



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  • Cytomel isn't a supplement, it IS T3. It is hormone. Admittedly, some people do take it with their NDT - me for example - because they don't convert very well. But don't go running away with the idea that it's herbal or a vitamin, or whatever.

    Being a hormone, you can't buy it over the counter. You have to have a prescription, and most doctors are very reluctant - if not down-right hostile - to prescribing it.

    Sorry, can't be of any more help.


  • whilst we cannot recommend self-medication nor we can really advise you on how to self medicate we understand that for many different reasons some people do self medicate.

    What I can say to you is: whatever you do 'be careful', with T3 start on small doses (if you feel you have to add it), yes, even if you are used to it via NDT, and only change one thing at a time, so if you add say 5 to 10mcg only do this for a week or two before you do anything else (ie increase by another 5-10mcg or change something else).

    There is a good group about T3 medication on facebook if you are a facebook user, it is quite informative.

    also you could consider just telling your GP and say you will carry on with what you are doing but you would be grateful if you could be 'monitored' by him/her, some people on this forum are doing this.

  • Thank you, I have taken on board the advice you have both given and I think maybe talking to the Dr may actually be helpful, as long as I explain that I will not be coming off the NDT in order to take the Levo they will want me to take? I do find this all a bit confusing, especially with the constant brain fog! I have found a body building site that sells Cytomel, but I am very wary of buying it because of the possible dangers. I wonder if there are other experts out there in the UK aside from the NHS Drs and Endos who are able to give advice? Such as Alternative practitioners for example?

    Thanks again


  • there are NHS endocrinologists out there who prescribe NDT and/or Cytomel, I have an NHS endo and I am on 'Cytomel' (well T3 :) )

  • There is a body-builder product which has been named "T3" for marketing purposes. The only reason I can think to do so is to confuse potential customers. Because such marketing tactics annoy me, I would not touch it.

    It has NO liothyronine/T3 in it.

    I too would be wary of body-builder sites selling Cytomel. If they are based in the UK, they would be breaking the law.


  • Thanks everyone.

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