Dose any one have artharitis of the hip and leg I have to go fot an xray on tuesday 10th sep because when I walk I get alot of pain in my groin and it sends pain down my left thigj into my knee I thought it was a trapped nerve but gp says not im a bit scared cos im only 44 and once you have it thers no gettig rid of it so I was just wondering as anyone else got it or eber had the same symtoms I would love to hear frim anyone thank you

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  • I had my thyroid removed in February and after a lot of problems with medication, so other symptoms are under controll I now have the same issues as you. Pain in left leg in front and behind knee, also in hips & lower back, numbness of toes, hands & feet (comes n goes) I had x Ray of lower back in early June, showed nothing, and just had ultra sound of left knee,thigh & groin. No abnormalities showed & also ruled out blood clots & Baker's Cyst ( cyst can be related to arthritis.) Left knee swollen. sometimes feels muscular sometimes like a trapped nerve. so now back to Doctor to see what can be done next.

    You have to keep moving but don't over exercise. I too am frightened about it, although older than you, I'm 68. I'm just going to go through the tests and deal with it as it comes. There is a lot that can be done. Vitamin D is important, have you had your levels tested?

    Also vitamin K is worth researching and looking into. You may need other supplements too like B12 and other vit B complex. It's an autoimmune problem that can come with thyroid issues. I read that cod liver oil, evening primrose oil are also worth looking at to keep joints & muscles supple. But be guided by Doctor initially until tests are done. Good luck, keep in touch. Valerie x

  • hi valerie this is my first test for everything my little finger and the one next to it on the left hand have been numb and tinglly for the for the past 8 months they started before my hip did gp said he thinks it may be my erves he said that i need surgery on it and my right leg from the knee down to the ankle swell up every day when gp give me some tablets for my hip and thats when it started i caint remember what they were called cos i binned them 3 days of using them i just know they were yellow i will try those vitamins yo were telling me about thank you i will keep in touch with you and i will let you what happens on tuesday and thanks again valerie.dawnx

  • You are welcome Dawn. I'm seeing GP Wednesday. Catch up later.

    Val x

  • Kk val speak to you soon. Dawnx

  • Have you been diagnosed with thyroid issues of any sort? You didn't mention them. X

  • hi valarie not spoke to you for a while i have just had my results from my xray form my my gp which seems to of taken ages to come through and i have got osteoarthitis in my hip and groin hes gaven me ibruprofen 400mg and i have to go and see him on the 10th oct for some injections in my leg cos on the out side of my leg its a bit inflamed with the joints swelling abit so i thought i would drop you a line and let you know ,,How are you hope yo are well let me know how you are i would like to know xxDawn

  • You may have arthritis of the hip joint, pain from there goes to the knee, the pain is traveling down the sciatica nerve.

    The xray will show any arthritis.

  • ok thank you i have sciatica in my back from an injury i had when i was 11years old so i will have to wait and find out this tuesday thank you.dawn

  • I am 47 and have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis (OA) of both hips and spine. I also have two slipped discs in my lower back. My back pain gives me symptoms such as pain travelling into my buttocks and also down my leg into knees & ankles. My hip pain is present in both hips, groin and top of both legs. For me, the pain is separate and distinct. The X Ray will show whether there are OA changes in your hips or back. An MRI scan will give better detail of soft tissue, e.g. Disc damage. The key for me is having a supportive GP as well as support from friends and family. Arthritis UK website is also very informative. Good luck with your X Ray. Once you know what it is you have to deal with only then you can start to make a plan. Life does not stop with a diagnosis of OA, you just have to focus on what you can do. Good luck!

  • Thank you very much for you responce im si scared of the out come so all iI can do is take a deep breath and go with the flow and I will take in what everyone as spoke to me about and all the advice what you nice people as given to me and thank you again.dawn

  • hi dwt66 i have just had back my xray results from gp and i also have(OA) in my left hip andgroin and he thinks in my neck as well i have to go an injection on the 10th oct cos my thigh is a bis inflamed cos of the tissue ive also got a lot of cramping in the back of my knee i dont know if that is connected or not i hope its not cos its killing me well i thouht i would just let you know what was my out come ,,how are you i hope you are well Dawn

  • Hi val how are you I went for an exray on both hips an legs yesterday was more sore when I came out with all pokeng and and progging about lol...l wont no the out come until earlist monday its just the wait i'll let u no when I find out let me no how you went on at da hospital .Dawnxxc

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