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Hello everyone, is anyone in the same boat as me?

Hiya, Im Karl this is my first blog / post on here, so nice to chat to you all..

I am a 6ft 6, 34 yr old male, and two years ago I was diagnosed with Follicular cancer of the thyroid, I had a total Thyroidectomy and the Radioactive iodene treatment to remove all traces of my cancer.

Since my treatment I have been having the regular blood tests and assement with my consultant Linda Smith at the Royal in Liverpool, My dose of thyroxine is quite high, im on a varying 275/250micro gramme a day My levels are still not right and its been two years since my operations.

I was wondering if anyone else is in the same situation as me, in that im still exhausted at the end of the day, im irritabldeand GOD knows i must be awful to live with.

I have tried to maintain a gym routine but when im done, usually after an hour im literally fighting to stay awake, im knackered beyond belief to the point were i think its doing more harm than good.

I have recently started having problems catching my breath, this occurs during an afternoon or after eating lunch then my evening meal, has anyone else had this? im not sure if its related to my thyroxine intake or not?

I also have a problem with high cholestrol, im told Thyroxine is a factor in this, i dont really have a highfat diet, i no longer eat eggs or cheese and milk is always green top, its as though no matter what i try to do to control my weight, and general fitness im facing a battle by taking the medication that i need to stay alive..

I have found that this adaptation to be the hardest thing to deal with, well after being told i could'nt see my 4yr old daughter for 6 weeks after my treatment this was a killer.. I guess im looking for advice on how to beat the tiredness, or any tips on exercise that some of you maybe doing to balance it with the lack of energy..

I have read that certain foods can effect the absorbtion of thyroxnie, i tend not to eat breakfast as i never really have, so i take my medication with a pint of water then i get a coffee about an hour later on my way into work. Has anyone found any foods that help them live any easier with their thyroid problems?

Any suggestions or advice will be greatly apprecieated, I hope that you are all managing your thyroid problems, and if there are any questions that I can help with please just ask, I am 4 years into this journey and im sure i can answer a few questions...

Thanks for your time, and i hope to chat to a few of you over due course


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hiya I have graves Disease and had my thyroid removed 10yrs ago. I wish they'd kept it in as since then life has been a nightmare. I'm so angry and irritable when my levels are not right and I scare myself at how angry I get! I have piled on weight and I am so self conscious about it that finding something to wear is a joke! Diets don't help and like you exercise is exhausting I am a totally different person to what I was before. I used to go karate, horse riding, gym classes etc but now it's a chore just to do a days work. I suffer from headaches too all the time every single day. Ive done a lot of research myself on American websites and am going to start the Paleolithic Diet which is supposed to help people with thyroid trouble lose weight. Keep smiling Karl x x


Hi Karl. Nice to meet you.

I have very similar problems with tiredness. I often get extremely tired an hour or so after working out. I often get tired in the afternoons with or without exercise. Though this seems to come and go: I hadn't been very tired during the day for a few weeks, but Monday this week it all started again. Is it consistent with you or do you get better and worse periods?

There is a lot of controversy about avoiding high cholesterol / high fat foods and personally I think it's a load of rubbish. If I remember correctly there is basically no evidence that eating high cholesterol / high fat foods has a significant impact on circulating cholesterol levels or increases the chance of coronary problems. I think this is because cholesterol obtained from food is relatively insignificant compared to the cholesterol the body produces. In fact I believe one study showed that the high fat group did better (to a degree that was statistically significant) than the low fat group. I think high glycemic carbohydrates are a bigger problem.

If you're interested in this please research it yourself. I don't have a problem with cholesterol, but if I did I would certainly look at it more closely before making changes. Having said that the analysis seems quite compelling. I think might be one the majority of the medical community got quite wrong.


Eating fat can help with weight loss!

Armour thyroid or other dessiccated thyroid may be the answer.


Hi. Dessicated thyroid such as Armour is possibly the answer. It is obtainable without prescription from America. My sky-high cholesterol has come down to normal levels as a result of taking it. It is really important to eat regular meals too and breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper is a good guideline. Then add in a couple more light snacks through the day and the more organic and wholesome the better. Try and eliminate all sugars and refined carbohydrates and foods with empty calories. Make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water a day. This really makes a big difference if you don`t already do it. Exercise needs to be gentle such as walking and swimming rather than working out in a gym or running. Another thing which is really beneficial is trying to maintain an alkaline balance in your body rather than an acid one. Trying to avoid too many emotional swings is also very important but obviously not always possible. And be kind to youself.


Hi I feel awful on Levo and am interested in trying Armour, how do you access the Armour without a prescription from the US.


Hi. is able to send you Armour without a prescription and they are remarkably quick given that it has to come from America. I ordered some ten days ago and it arrived today. If you are on Levothyroxine and feeling awful, Armour may well help you, but it would be advisable to have some support from your doctor so that you can be monitored. It is also possible that your adrenal glands may be fatigued and until they are supported, even Armour thyroid will not solve the problem. It is a bit of a minefield, but even minefields can be cleared given the right equipment.


Hi Many thanks for the information. I shall certainly discuss this with my GP - perhaps she would be open to a 6 month trial of Armour, will also ask for my adrenals to be checked.


Thyroid UK does not advocate self-treatment, we STRONGLY advise you to be monitored closely by a healthcare professional.

We have a document which explains about obtaining natural thyroid via your NHS GP on a 'Named Patient Basis'. If anyone is interested please drop me a conv.




Hi Louise, Yes I would like the document if you are able to e-mail it to me.



Hello, after reading your plight , my Hypothyroidism seems like a walk in the park!!!... But what ive found that helps with my energy levels "or lack of it". is kelp tablets, you can purchase them at Holland and Barretts , I hope this helps you, thanks.. Denise...


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