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Iv been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and prescribed 125mg levothyroxine and have been taking them on and off for 5 years , i say on and off because im convinced they are making me feel worse but iv been taking my daily dose continually for a year and in that year iv gained 3st in weight and as im only 4ft 11 that classes me as obese . I suffer from scoliosis of the spine and chronic muscl and joint pain . Im clinically depressed and shattered 24/7 i feel robbed of my life and im practically a recluse . Iv sobbed my heart out to my GP begging for T3 to be given on prescription as its obviously not converting naturally he point blank refuses and prescribed prozac which i literally threw back at him .. im atthe end of my tether and literally feel hopeless and quite frankly not caring if i live or die i know that sounds pathetic but its too im in so much pain and the weight is debilitating and painful to carry . Iv exhausted all avenues even offered to pay for T3 myself but gp remains adament and refuses to prescribe it ...can anyone advise me please via pm how i can obtain it out of the UK ? Please ... im desperate ... much appreciated for advice .

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If you post your test results, with their reference ranges, members can see if your problem lies with poor conversion or something else. Nutrient levels play a very important part in how our thyroid hormone works so we really need to see results for




Thyroid antibodies

Vit D




And if Ferritin is low then

Iron panel

Full blood count

Also, do you take any other medication or supplements?

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Hi i have my bloods taken every month but GP never discusses results with me should i ask ? Im not on any other medication except levo and im 55 .. thanks for your reply any advice is most welcome because my gp just refuses to even acknowledge i have a problem and feels levo is the only option ..


In the UK we are legally entitled to our test results under the Data Protecion Act. Ask your surgery for a print out of your results - don't accept hand written or verbal results, mistakes can and do happen. Make sure the reference ranges are included, often in brackets after the result. Should look something like

TSH: 2.5 (0.2-4.2)

Do you have your blood taken every month for thyroid or for another reason?

Please don't do anything (ie buy Nature Throid or anything else) until we have seen your test results. So much is involved and it's likely that Levo will work for you if all the building blocks are in place. If not then we can suggest what to do. First place to start is all the tests I mentioned above.

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I agree with SeasideSusie. T3 is a possibility, but the most likely solution is that you are on the wrong dose of Levothyroxine, and/or have vitamin deficiencies. That's the first step to look at.


You could try Nature throid which is made from pig thyroid and was, along with Armour, all that was available before Levo etc were manufactured. Nature T is a combination of T3 and T4 plus and I find it easier to take. I will send a private message of how you can buy it from USA. Stay positive and get all you doubts and fedupness helped by your fellow sufferers on here. You are not alone. Love xx



Iv researched that and wrote it all down for my gp i insisted he read it he did then looked at me and said its utter nonsense stay awayfrom google 😞 thanks so much i really appreciate your help x


I wonder if your GP stays away from Google?

It sounds to me as if your doctor has put walls up, stuck his fingers in his ears, is going "La, La, La I can't hear you" and has decided you're just depressed. I think you need to find a new one. I doubt that you are going to get any help from a doctor who rejects every word you say.

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Iv booked an appointment with the gp tuesday il request a print out of the results and yes i have my blood test every month for thyroid alone . Hes never explained what hypothyroidism is or what i can do to make it better he just prescibed me levo and sent me on my way . I live in a tiny remote village in cornwall i have no option of another gp there is no other surgery for miles . So im stuck really and he knows im not happy he is not interested .


Why is your thyroid being tested every month? Most labs wont repeat thyroid tests unless 3 months this have passed.

Don't wait to ask the doctor for your results. Pop down to the surgery and ask at reception for a print out. Put the results on the forum so we can commence and you may then have a better idea of what to say to your GP on Tuesday.


He sounds insecure! Don't be put off by his uncaring approach....your health comes first not his ego!

You have come to the right place for advice, follow it carefully. The good people here have pulled me out of a dark place.....and will do so for you. However, be prepared for improvement to take time, it's not a quick fix situation - but, you sound as if you have patience enough for that

Good luck....and better health.




Thankyou i really appreciate every single piece of advice its definitely reassuring knowing for the first time in years im not alone and that others do understand and more importantly that people care .. i thought i was going insane . Im determined to get better now i must admit its down to this group . Id all but given up. Cant wait to get my results tuesday and post them here . X

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You'll find lots of support on TUK. I guess many of us thought we were losing the plot before we arrived here and found hope.




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