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last chance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now is the time for your last chance to win 5 crisp £20 notes .....just think of the early christmass pressie waiting to be winging its way to YOU ........just check on the ' pinned posts ' and scroll down to ---fundraising with alan the ali man --- for the info its easy quick and more importantly will help to provide vital funds to keep this OUR site here for us and all those others that will need it in the future .......give it a go ......alan xxx

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Thanks for the reminder Alan! :)

People will also be able to have a guess at the Thyroid UK information stand at our conference! :)




Thanks for posting that Louise


i hope that you can circumnavigate to the info and ' COME ON BOARD ' to show all the people that keep our site going that some of us really do care about the others behind the scene and will support them WITH PRIDE ........if you have any problems please let me know .......alan xxx

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Oh - thanks Louise!! :D


please see my post/reply above .....alan xxx


Where do you find the pinned posts?