Morning everyone. Question: I'm planning to do The Way - Santiago de Compostela in May/June 2016. After NDT, and now T3 i can do it i hope!

This has been an old dream of mine, and I think this year I'm feeling good enough to do it. I'm doing it for personal reasons, I'll be walking the 800k in about 40 days more or less, no rush. Then it occurred to me, that i could do a fundraising for thyroid uk as well. So the question is, how to turn this walk into a fundraising? Also, as I wanted it to be just between me and God, if I do the public fundraising will I be distancing myself from my main reason to do the walk?

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  • Lucky you, I'd love to do that. I'd say I was a spiritual person rather than religious but it's an amazing journey, so good that you are well enough to think of doing it.

    I can't see that being sponsored would distance you from your main reason for walking, you would be doing a great deal of good by helping raise money for TUK.

    I have sponsored people in the past (and will definitely sponsor you if you go ahead ) but I have no idea of what is involved. I'm sure Louise at TUK will be able to help you though. You could always get someone else to take over that side of things completely and leave free you to make your journey.

  • Thank you fruitandnutcase! I'm also spiritualist Kardec is my belief, practice but this walk is about it I think, finding yourself, and carrying not much around. I've decided even to cut my long hair. I know I will be different once I complete it. The conflict was because some people do such things thinking of a charity they want to help. I'm doing this for myself. But if I can raise money to TUK, I'd kind of be giving back a little of what I've received sincce coming here. And honestly, if i can even plan this walk is thanks to this site, and all the people here. It has saved me, literally.

  • Brubru, Wow, that's an ambitious plan! It would be absolutely amazing if you were able to achieve it. Just the fact that you are even thinking it is a possibility for you is great to hear :)

    If you want to fundraise for Thyroid UK whilst you walk, just tell them of your idea and they will help you to set it up. You can easily contact them about this via the form on the main website here..

    If you contact them over the weekend, you may have to wait until Monday for a reply of course

  • I know, its ambitious but sometimes we just have to take that jump! It's an old thought just didnt feel i could do it. Since last year i thought i could. I'll be on holidays in May, and my ex will be with our son, so all is looking good :-). I've been practicing a bit walking around with a heavy backpack, about 7k-10k a day. And from march I'm doing weekend hikes so hopefully i will start and finish this walk :)

  • Oh! I do envy you. If you email she can advise on the fundraising.

    She may not be in the office until Monday.

  • Thank you shaws, emailing her now!

  • You will have to keep us informed every few days (if you get internet access) of how you are progessing.

  • Feeling tearful reading the replies... thank you x

  • My brother and sister-in-law have walked two of the shorter Caminos to Santiago de Compostela, they loved them both and met some wonderful people along the way, both local people and other walkers, although they found both walks hard work. My brother is not at all a religious person but was very moved by it all and especially by the Mass held for pilgrims in the Cathedral at the end of it, which is apparently almost overwhelming. He published a blog about it for a while, and he raised funds for four charities through Just Giving, but there may be a better way for TUK which doesn't involve any admin fee, Louise would know. Very best of luck and please keep us up to date with it all :)

  • Sounds encouraging! If it was overwhelming for him who's not religious I can imagine what I will feel. I've contacted Louise. Thank you for your reply :-)

  • Post a photo of your scallop shell when you get back.

  • Ah I can do it now ;-). A friend gave me one :-). But yes I'll write here. It's some months to go yet but I ll always be in this site anyway.

  • I bought a book of the route years ago as i had daft ideas of progressing from my then normal max of .six miles, i also read a book by someone of his walk and the folk from across the world he met. Fascinating but some of it a bit depressing because of the detritus left on the path by " pilgrims".

    I know someone who did half last year and planned on the other half this year ,but this very experienced long distance walker was struck down with a major stroke in late Autumn and is now wheelchair bound. So go for it while you are able.

  • I've been reading a bit on the subject for a while, and now I'm part of their FB group. I hope I can do it now. I certainly can walk even if i have bad days sometimes, sorry to hear about your friend and yes you are right do it while I can. I hadnt actually heard of litter along the way, but yes sometimes i dont understand humans and nature. We have no clue. Have you seen in Argentina this week they took a baby dolphin from the sea to make selfies, and consequently the dolphin died after being outside the water for too long. Why???

  • Just read in U3A magazine of 70 year old Maggie de Vos who walked the Camino.Her book " Santiago at Seventy" is on Amazon at 6.99.

    Maybe i still have time.

  • I've seen a 90 year old pilgrim on the Santiago forum. So there's definetely time! 

  • Amazing,perhaps I need to try the Coast to Coast first!

    Currently suffering muscle pain from a twist  whilst going steeply up and down a barranco last week.

  • Sorry. Barrancos are always risky. Hope you recover soon. And yes I've seen the coast to coast and I was quite interested

  • I was being a bit parsimonious with the detail ,parts had alot of human faeces. Perhaps understandable .

    I missed the dolphin story ,very sad and stupid. Bit like the zombie walkers i have been reading about : too busy texting etc they walk into statues,lamp posts ,other folk and traffic!

  • My husband and I visited Santiago di Compostela last year, and were amazed and astounded by the pilgrims we saw there. Both young and old, healthy and unwell, completed the pilgrimage. I wish you good fortune in your quest, and please let us know how we can sponsor you?

    We also attended a mass at the Cathedral, I believe the pilgrims may have a longer service. The huge censer that is swung during the service is amazing, it takes about eight or nine people to hold on to the ropes.

    We were in Northern Spain as our son is due to marry a Spanish girl this year.

    Best wishes MariLiz

  • Thank you MariLIz!!! Thats very encouraging. I just thought of this sponsor thing yesteday and I have no clue. So I've emaileid Louise the administrator here and hopefully she will know what to do. It will be nice tio get some funds for this site, I've been heled here in so many different ways :-)

  • Hello MariLiz.  I've just posted the link to the sponsor page that Louise has kindly set up. My son has made an Instagram account for me so I'll be posting pictures there. It's patryoga27. Feel free to share the donation page and add me on Instagram not sure how it works yet but seems simple enough and I'll be posting pictures whenever possible :-) 

  • Well done you! What dates are you walking? I'm not on Instagram, but my daughter in law is, so I'll see if I can look at your page. Maybe I need to join myself in order to see it. I'm very happy to sponsor you. Good luck, and I look forward to seeing some of your photos.  Best wishes MariLiz 👍😃

  • Thank You MariLiz! I'm flying to Biarritz may 14th, fifteen days to go and counting :-). I don't have anything on Instagram yet and still need to learn how to use it but it seems it's easier and quicker to share pictures and as I don't want to spend much time online during the walk seems like a good option. Here's the page Louise Warvill has set up for me.

  • Great, I will make a note of that and your Instagram page. Good luck, I hope it is good weather for you. Northern Spain have a similar climate to us.

    MariLiz x

  • Thank you! I got waterproofs and a poncho. Fingers crossed x

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