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why oh why since this 'new' damn system has been brought in ---- with no consultation with the people that have actually used it for a long time [ and are quite happy with it ] ---- can I not get to ' questions' and NOT only posts ......... or has someone autominously decided that asking a question instead of making a post is the only way of communicating on this site -----and if not what has happened to the questions OR how do we get to them ??????????????.....alan

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  • Could not agree more. Like i said - do not fix it if it aint broke.

  • Alan, having a frustrating moment? It's a nuisance learning something new. I clicked on that little light bulb in green below and saw something that might interest you.

  • please please tell me what your new idea is ........... im always open to new ideas [ providing I can cannibalise them and use them for another venture [ begga LOL ] ....alan xx

  • exactly what I am saying ------ do these geeks ever think about us mere techno idiot mortals ---- that only want to give and gain help from a super site OR WHAT ????.......if it aint broke don't fix it ...... just my personal opinion ....... god only knows how long it will take me to work out this new site ...!!!!!....alan

  • Alan, posts and questions are merged although there is an option to select post or question when you write a post or ask a question. Click on the lightbulb bottom right of screen and select Send us a message to leave feedback for HU.

  • tried the lightbulb ..... only gives me the option of checking ' posts' ....and not questions ..... what if I want to pose a question [ but not a post ] ---- how the eck do I do it ???....or indeed to read and maybe reply to someone elses question ????....alan

  • Hi Alan

    There was a consultation! :) People were able to pop over to test out the new site and send feedback for a few weeks before the switch.... unfortunately, a lot of people did not test it; did not leave feedback; did not complain about the same things as other people...

    Or they did test, did send feedback and it was ignored by HU......

    If you wish to send feedback, you can use the green light bulb - bottom right, or drop an email to

    Qs & Posts have now been combined.... if you are looking for an old question, you will need to remember

    1) Who posted it - then you could look under their profile for it

    2) The title of it - then you could do a search



  • just done that , but , cannot find ANY reference to ' questions ' dosent seem to be working at the moment [ the last 2.1/2 weeks ] .......alan xx

  • No questions now - just posts.

    Whatever you want to write - even if it's a question - you need to click on 'write a post'...! ;)

    If it's a question... include a ? in the heading! ;) ;) :)



  • so if I want to ask a question I HAVE TO PUT A '?' in the middle of the post so that everyone knows its a ' question'.....AND NOT A POST .....why oh why change something that a'int broke ---and was working perfectly well ???....btw £the funds should have hit your account NOW it was paid in with no problem about 11 am today [ the figure I passed to you ......yakky darr.....alan xx

  • Alan,

    I think we all now need a bigger dose of medication.

  • already had mine -------- and it still don't work usual !!!!!!

  • Thanks lovely! :) xx

  • hi there louise , have you any idea why THIS post -- that was posted some time ago today --does not appear on the listings of the site ----it must have been there earlier because I have had a number of responses , including from yourself .?? alan xx

  • Hi Alan

    It should be on your news feed. To get there, click on your name (on greenish bar) and then 'newsfeed'..

    The listings for the site now shows only latest posts and then 'all posts'...

    Under 'all posts' you can change the order of the posts (using a little down arrow next to 'sort by') and can sort by newest, recently active, unanswered and popular.

    Sorry it's so muddly! :(

    Will try and chat on the phone today - I was just heading out to a school thing when you phoned yesterday.... Hatty is hogging the phone for most of the day doing conference promo work, so I wouldn't bother trying to phone in...! :) x

  • In the old system people sometimes put things in "Posts" which, strictly speaking, should have gone in "Questions", and vice versa. It didn't matter, usually. People still answered anyway, wherever the author had put their post. Now, everything is lumped together into just one thing. Personally I don't find this confusing. It is the only feature of the new system I actually like. I always thought the division into questions and posts was completely artificial and could easily cause confusion.

  • Why on earth are they printing the bottom line beneath the posts in the palest grey almost the names of the sender,the time sent etc......I 've recommended they do the same as when you open the post and can quite easily see the person's name in blue at the side of their profile picture ......I don't know how others feel about that though?

  • I agree - a lot of the bits of the new design are simply too pale and faint to be seen easily. I have a laptop - don't know if that makes a difference or not.

  • I'm on I Pad so I guess we're all having the same problems.

    I fail to see how they think it's an improvement!

    Never mind .....we can all still stick together.

  • that's always the problem with pushing through supposed improvements without a full 'road test' with those that use it before installing it ....... I have never had as many problems as I have in the past week[ ish] ......the system may have been trialed at the London site , but WE are all over the country ------ I would have thought that a nominal trial for a short while to gain reaction from those of us that actually use it would be more beneficial to iron out the problems before going fully live may be the best option .....just my thoughts on the subject.....alan

  • I hate all the white it hurts my eyes and seems to be a waste of space.

  • If you can find it, vote for my suggestion to provide skins (colour schemes) suitable for sick and older people.

  • that's exactly what I am trying to say ...... a short trial directly with the ACTUAL USERS and not the techno-geeks is the only way forward for US that use the site ..... that may well cause a little bit of hassle for the ' geeks' , but would go some way to help us that embrace and champion this 'OUR' site constructively .....before the new tweeks are added ----- I also have a problem with the starkly striking white of the site [ a problem that maybe have been ironed out before it went live ] ....... just think how many people actually went to the trial and how many actually use this site !!!!! .......alan x

  • I refer to my reply below to ' angel of the north ' seems to make a little sense to me !!!...alan x

  • it seems to me to be a far too stronger white than the ' normal ' ....perhaps this is what is affecting you ? ....alan x

  • In my opinion the words are 'lost' in the white space on the screen.

  • the excessive whiteness is definitely affecting my eyes ......I can only look/check the site for no more than about 6-10 mins at any one time ------- especially at night .....alan

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