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1st Conultation with the Endocrinologist (Dr)! Hope at last!

My GP was poorly managing my hypothyroidism "in my opinion". I kept being told that my blood tests were back in the "normal range" was on 50 levo thyroxin daily. I was still having tiredness, extreme temperature issues, so cold even though it was warm outside and my heating was on at home! Still losing hair and irregular bowel movements, even on a high fibre diet and hydrated.

My GP advised that the GP practice were good at manageing patients with thyroid disease when I request to be referred to an Endocronologist! I insisted that I consult with a specialist in hormone management! Especially since I am also in the menapause stage of life!

The Endo after just looking at my blood results since I was diagnosed in November 2013 ! Advised that my LThyoxine meds be increased. He was not happy about my hemoglobin levels , especially since my ferritin levels are high due to my diet! He views that my body is not absorbing Iron. He has discussed my health history over the years and views tha I have been hypothyroidism for years! I am now being tested or celiac disease incase this is affecting my iron and my bowel issues!

I left the hospital on a high after being told that I will be consulting with the Endo, until we both feel that my physical and mental health levels are at balanced enough as to get me back to good health!

I am glad that I regularly read this self help web page! It is great to compare how others with similar issues are managing their health!

I am glad that I insisted on seeing a specialist Dr to consult for a second opinion.

Thanks to all for sharing your stories as it has helped me understand thyroid issues and assisted me to feel sane, that it was not my imagination that I was not health even though the GP stated that my bloods were at "normal levels" and I should be feeling well! Normal levels for who?

Onwards and upwards!

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Please do not pin too much hope on the endo, many are no better than nhs gps. You might be v disappointed


Well done for standing up for yourself and it's nice that you found an endo who listened and is prepared to do further tests. I hope you improve.

Don't forget to get into the habit of always asking for a print out of all test results. Also, make sure that you have had your Vit D and Vit B12 levels measured.


If you find you are happy with this consultant, please pass his name onto

I am glad your consultation went very well indeed.


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