Can anyone advise if hypothyroidism is worse with the menapause

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in Oct 2013 and in March 2014 my GP advises that my blood levels have stabilised on 50 microgram of medication daily and that I do not need bloods checked for six months.

I am not used to be continually tired and unwell due to viral infections particularly associated with sinus and laryngitis.My GP says the I am just unlucky to be contacting these virus's!

I also started HRT treatment in November 2013 due to the start of the menopause. The physical symptoms that I was experiencing were having a very negative affect on my mental well being.

My GP again views that I am just unlucky and that the two issues are not the cause of me continually taking viruses and feeling physically and mentally tired.

Has anyone out there had a similar experience? Please tell me it did not take years to resolve? Trying to be positive!

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  • Menopause can upset previously stable thyroid medication due to the fluctuating sex hormones. Your GP should retest your thyroid function without making you wait 6 months. I take it GP is male? Hasn't a bloody clue how the double whammy of menopause and hypothyroidism can affect women.

    Ask for a second opinion via another GP at the practice if he won't help you or if you can run to private testing check out Blue Horizon or Genova on

  • Thanks Clutter, my GP is female but When I saw her in March I was feeling much better. Have seen 2 male GP's at the practice as the female GP that I like has not been available. They advised that my thyroid levels were ok and the menapause was not a result of my current extreme fatigue, low mood and infections! I disagree with their views of my health. I will go back and ask for more bloods to be taken and for a referral to a specialist. I don't have time for them to play guessing games with my health.

  • I don't know if there is a connection with fatigue and menopause, but I am 54, I have been hypo for 10+years and have slipped through menopause almost unnoticed. I take 100micrograms of levo daily. I know I am lucky.

    My sister who is not hypo and is 10 years older than me has suffered terribly with menopausal symptoms for many years. My younger sister is also suffering more. I think it is a very individual thing.

    Occasionally i can feel a slight hot flush, but usually I've had alcohol or know I've over eaten :-/

    It does sound like your health is at a low ebb, aside from menopause. Good luck bouncing back xx

  • Female doctors (and nurses) who are either pre menopause or had an easy menopause themselves are worse than men. They seem to believe that everyone is like them and making a fuss about nothing - rather like 1950s/60s PE teachers ...

  • Ditto doctors who have thyroid problems which levo controls well. Met one of those.

  • The symptoms of menopause and hypothyroid can be quite similar. So you're getting a double whammy. The HRT is helping with the menopause symptoms: So what you're left with is a poorly controlled thyroid problem. And don't let the blighters tell you the symptoms you're still struggling with are 'your age'. Grrrr.

  • Thanks all for your advice and support, I know my body and know when things are not right. I will absolutely stand up for myself with regards to my health, because I deserve to be healthy and I do as much a physically possible to look after my well being.

  • I thought I was having menopause symptoms before being diagnosed with Hashimoto's, I guess I am lucky that my GP thought to do thyroid tests instead of just sending me home. I was given tests which confirmed I was also bang slap in the middle of the menopause as well but, again luckily, no-one has ever suggested that any of my Hashi symptoms might be the menopause.

    I have never had any treatment/medication for the menopause, and no doctors have suggested taking anything (which I wouldn't take anyway, I don't need any more medication to confuse things). I am continually overheating, and have other symptoms - my endo and GP are treating them as being thyroid-related (because I nag them to do so), I don't want them fobbing me off by blaming the menopause and, thankfully, they haven't done so.

    The process to sort out everything can be so draining, and I have very low days sometimes but, generally, I am plodding my way through and remain relatively positive (today is a good day). It can be hard sometimes, but being amongst people on this site who in the same position is a comfort.

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