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Hi, Recent blood results - Need Help Please!


Just spent five days in hospital as I kept on collapsing. I've been on T3 (only) for three weeks but don't think it suits me. Hospital want me to start from the beginning again using thyroxine, I'm not happy but I don't know what else to do as I'm feeling worse than ever!

Hospital blood results:

TSH - 7.5 (0.3-5.0)

FT3 - 3.3 (3.1-6.8)

FT4 - 6.8 (12.0- 22.0)

Anti Bodies 1613 (0 - 35)

I know I have Hasimotos.

Cortisol Serum 259 nmol/l

Any ideas as to what thyroid medication I should be on?

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I am sorry you've been unwell and had to go to hospital. Your TSH is too high as you will be aware and you need to increase T3 if you want to reduce it and feel better but the hospital will obviously want you to go back to levothyroxine. Usually on T3 your TSH will be very low or suppressed and as you aren't taking T4 that's not really relevant. The doctor's aren't experienced in the use of T3alone except in adding a little to T4. I believe the fact that your TSH is high is a reason you feel so unwell.

I hope you feel better soon.


I agree with the comment shaws has posted. Also your anti-bodies are very high and possibly not helping the situation. Do you have gut issues ?

Sorry if this is a repeat question but have you had all the basics tested - like Iron Ferritin Folate B12 VitD - just wondered if you have the results with ranges....

Do hope you feel better soon. If Doctor P has suggested T3 then I would persevere. I am one of his patients and progressed from T4 to a T4/T3 combo and under his guidance am now T3 only. I also have Hashimotos.



I don't think I have a gut issue, how would I know?

Everything in that department works fine!

Other blood results:

Serum Ferritin: 74 (34 - 528)

B12: 680 (220 - 914)

Serum Folate: 14.9 (2.6 - 20.1)

Vit D: 93 (>5)

I think these look fine, what do you think?

Did you feel worse on T3 for a while before things improved?

I know I was only on 18mcg of T3 but anymore made me feel very unwell.

I thought that T3 would either make you feel nothing at all and therefore just need to increase, but not make you feel worse!

Maybe I just have to feel worse on it before improvement.

Literally I am now practically bed bound at the moment. I felt better before I started any of these thyroid meds!

Any ideas?


Yes your bloods do look good. Were you supplementing at the time ? I took low doses of T4 - about 75mcg then added 25mcg split doses to 50mcg of T4. Now take 50mcg T3 split into two doses. Was dosing throughout the day but with summer in Crete it is difficult to pace as meals are at various times :-) I have been taking T3 for two and a half years. At the same time I improved things with the addition of D3 and now have B12 injections. Went gluten free last December. Have not found a huge difference in that respect but am convinced it is good for reducing anti-bodies - Hashimotos. I also have Crohns. The more you read about food the harder it is to ignore that gluten is not good for us with auto-immune issues. The immune system thinks that gluten molecules and thyroid molecules are one and the same thing....



What amounts of T4 or T4/T3 and T3 were you/are you taking?

How long did the T3 take to work?

Any suggestions as to how to treat Hashimoto?


What dose of T3 are you taking? Have you been on any other thyroid meds in the past? If yes, what was it and how much?



I was 18mcg (3/4 tablet) of T3 (Cynomel).

I was on Thyroxine for a year on 75mg.

Dr P took me off that and went on NDT (nature thyroid) 1 grain for 6 weeks.

Took me off that and put me on T3 only as none of the above helped.

I know is all sounds like I am on very low doses of everything but if i tried to raise any of medication i would have horrible symptoms.

I am so ill right now and just don't know what thyroid med to take as everyone I speak to has a different idea!


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