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The Grey Area:

My results from the ( HoloTC ) was 40.nmol/L 25-75nmol/L in the grey area, in this range I am told, one would expect to have physiological symptoms of B12 deficiency, which I have and is getting worse.


My MMA results came back as 200nmol/L 0.360nmol/L

The letter goes to my GP, no B12 deficiency found.

What about my 40.nmol/L Grey area.........

My serum B12 was 516ng/L (180.900 ) and as the GP waved HER Blood test report in my face, saying all was normal.

I explained to her at this point, that I had the (HoloTC ) B12 test done, so I could see what was happening with my active B12 at cell level, mmmm, that stopped her paper waving.

If I had not gone privately for this test, this GP would most certainly,not have put 2&2 together regarding B12 deficiency, and most certainly, not given the go ahead to investigate any further B12 testing, on the grounds that, my serum B12 was in good range,very scary indeed, considering I have deficiency symptoms....

Anyhow, when I saw my GP and explained the symptoms to her,electric currents in my feet, creeping up my legs, now into my hands and I get the same feeling in my face, how I can feel, this tingling in my whole body now.

She said, hop up onto the couch, (very hard for me to do) and I will look at your legs.

She asked me to raise my left leg, I couldn't, she said, is that as far as you can go, ( my leg was still lying flat on the bed ) she tapped here and there, ( she never, asked if I had hip problems or any back issues )


I can't find any problems with you legs. Really !!! this is sooo bad an attitude from a GP.

She hadn't even bothered to ask me a single question or why I am unable to lift my leg.

Mmmm I deliberately didn't highlight her attitude to her examination of me then, but I will do so, at my appointment tomorrow.

Anyhow,I now feel the only test left is the ( IFab ) I have stopped my B12 supplements for 48 hours for

this test.

I had a FBC from my GP and compared it with the private one and noticed, everything was decreasing,

all my white blood cells were decreasing, except, MCV MCH MCHC all slight increase.

If I have no success with my GP, I will have to self inject..............................

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.


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Maybe refer to hampster1's posts - her knowledge is amazing. Also the PAS forum may be better able to assist. Taking B12 supplements may have skewed the result....

Yes only 20% of the B12 in your serum is available at a cellular level so perhaps your GP is not aware of such valuable information.....

I have also read that the MMA result is not always accurate - think it was on Dr Brownsteins site - in one of his Newsletters.


Thank you Marz,

I had stopped all Vit B supplements 6 weeks prior to testing for the HoloTC.

The B12 deficiency result,has been based entirely on the MMA result.

I will let my GP know about the 20% available at cellular level, I had forgotten that, thank you for

the reminder.




Hi, I have had tingling in my face since 2007 and then when I hit the M.E wall it went legs, feet, body, I too get that feeling of ripples passing through my body. My last B12 was around 300 and I see my GP on Monday - what is the private test you have had done and is it's purpose to test the take up rather than what is in the bloods? Where would I get such a test done and how much?

I did self inject with B12 when I was first ill and my bloods went up over the 1,000 - but I didn't feel any better. With my recent blood test I wanted to start self injecting again but the Dr I bought from before is having trouble getting it. Where else can one buy it from? PM if necessary please. Thank you


I can't respond to your letter right now, but if you contact: Marre Marz or Hampster.

They are the best at anything B12 and much much more.

Talk soon



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