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I'm confused

After starting treatment for adrenal fatigue I have managed to increase my dose of Armour. What I don't understand is that my blood levels are dropping even though I am increasing the dose. My results in April on 1/4 grain on alternate days

TSH 7.2 (0.2-5.5)

T4 12 (10.0-24.5)

T3 4 (3.9-6.7)

and then in May after increasing to 1/4 grain a day they improved to:

TSH 6.7 (0.2-5.5)

T4 12.4 (10.0-24.5)

T3 4.3 (3.9-6.7)

Now I am on 1/2 grain a day my results are:

TSH 5.1(0.2-5.5)

T4 10.8 (10.0-24.5)

T3 3.7 (3.9-6.7)

I don't understand why they would be worse. My ferritin level has increased to 26 from 23. Anybody got any ideas? Should I increase my dose again? I have an appointment with the doctor on September 11th and I want to be prepared.

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You need to get your ferritin (and hemoglobin) up plus increase the NDT. Everything is still low.

Have you checked B12, folate and D3? Even vitamin A should be checked.


My hemoglobin is 13.6 so is OK. My folate was >25.6 so was very high. The lab won't do D, I have tried twice and it comes back as not necessary. B12 was 420 (180-1000) so I assume that this is OK.

I am taking Spatone, 2 per day in the evening but it is very slow going trying to raise my ferritin.


I don't think Spatone will be enough to raise iron to optimum levels, the label say it isn't a cure for anaemia. You can get vitamin d done for £28

B12 is still low. Should be over 500.


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