Latest blood tests, what do you think?

My latest results from the GP, they only agreed to test after the Endo requested the full information.

TSH 2.4 (0.2 - 5.5)

FT4 16.0 (10.0 - 24.5)

FT3 4.3 (3.9 - 6.7)

I am currently taking Levo at 75 mcg and 100 mcg on alternate days since mid June. I am seeing my Endo on Friday to discuss T3. I am already supplementing as I have high antibodies, plus Vit b, c and D etc.

The Endo wants my TSH to be between 1 and 2, but none of my symptoms have improved for such a long time.

Any advice before seeing the Endo?

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  • I think we feel best with a TSH of 1 or lower. You obviously need an increase as you still have clinical symptoms. It would be good if he could add some T3 on a trial basis which may relieve your clinical symptoms as your FT3 could be higher but maybe wont now as some members are having T3 withdrawn..

  • The endo''s first instinct was to tell me to wait until December but I have such severe fatigue I am off work for a few weeks. He will consider T3 but it would have to be sourced by myself.

  • If you decide to add T3 you'd have to put up a new post asking for a Private Message to be sent to you of a source. Before the blood tests were introduced our doses of NDT were about 200 to 400mcg daily.

    They have no clue how disabling hypo is particularly if you have fatigue, and you've no energy. The energy comes from T3 when you have sufficient T4 or the addition of T3.

  • Could well be that all you need is an increase in levo. Because you seem to be converting ok. But your dose is stupid! Alternating between two almost starter doses! Where's the logic in that? lol You should be on at least 100 daily, with the possibility of further increases in the future.

  • Talking to GP and Endo is so frustrating, it takes a long time to move forward even just a little way. Absolutely would not allow 100 mcg each day.

  • Well, then, they know nothing about thyroid, and they are going to keep you sick.

    You say the endo wants your TSH between one and two - even that's too high, but still... - so, how does he think he's going to get it down to that level without increasing your levo? The man's a fool.

    Why do you bother with them? Why not buy your own and self-treat?

  • My GP is also indicating a referral to the rheumatology dept so it's not absolutely clear what is the main problem is. I think it's the right time for me to try T3, whether the Endo agrees or not, but I want my medical notes to indicate which meds I am taking incase of any problems of conflict with medication's.

  • With labs like yours, it's pretty certain that the main problem is under-medicating for hypothyroidism. Doctors don't always refer you to a rheumatologist because they think there's a problem in that department, they do it because they have no idea what the problem is. It makes it look like they're actually doing something.

  • How are your Ferritin levels ? Also are you taking a B Complex in addition to the B12 - or just a B Complex ? Folate - how is that level ?

  • Yes my ferritin is low, this site advised to take iron supplements and vitamins.

    I'm taking ferrous sulphate and methyl foliate but havent seen an improvement in the blood test results. But my B12 and D levels are definitely improving.

  • How long have you been taking them ? - it can take months for things to improve. Are you taking the Ferrous Sulphate with some VitC to aid absorption ?

  • Yes, the forum was very helpful with suggestions for supplements. I was advised to take Vit C with the iron. I've been supplementing for 2 months, my B12 is already increasing.

    How long before you would you expect to see an improvement in my iron levels?

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