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I feel sure I saw a link from a couple of days ago saying that previous Graves patients did better with some T3 as well as T4. Please can someone point me to this link as a doctor from our local CCG has asked for medical information regarding this. She said that they go by the guidelines of The British Society of Endocrinologists, who state that T4 is the best treatment. Obviously Mid Essex Health Trust would like to believe this, but patients know different!

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  • Sorry Shaws, this was not exactly what I wanted. It was a post a couple of days ago with certification of where it came from.

  • If you email and ask for a copy of Dr Toft's Pulse Online article. There are different questions/answers and question 6 says that some of us need a suppressed TSH or the addition of T3 to a reduced T4. His final paragraph tells us what most of the Endos/doctors believe as we, the patients, know that levo is not the 'exquisite medication for many'.

    For your information this is a link re T4/T3 it is a scientific document.

  • Think it was from a group of Dutch Doctors/Scientists.

  • If you click on Clutter's name it will take you into a Message and you can send her a message.

  • Shaws, thank you for your replies, I will also send her the Pulse article.

  • I don't like the last para of q.6. You will see why when you read it. I think the view is common amongst doctors treating us.

  • I think this is the reason I am not too keen on this article. Went to GP yesterday and she is sending me to a new Endo. Not sure I will get a much better one in Mid Essex though and hope she is able to send me to either Addenbrookes or UCL. She doesn't think it is possible, but will try. If no joy I will be writing to the Ombudsman and then the Press. Have had enough of British Endocrinology and American doesn't sound much better from what I have read today. Wonder what the agenda is in not wanting us to be well and productive. Thanks for your input.

  • Someone posted yesterday about Addenbrokes in a positive light.

  • Hi, this might not what you are looking for either but still relevant:-

  • Thank you Shambles. This will do nicely and such a lot of good links too.

  • J_Bee, this may be the link. The study discusses dissatisfaction of up to 10% of hypothyroid patients with T4 monotherapy but doesn't specify Graves patients.

  • This will do nicely as well Clutter. Thank you. Should give her food for thought!

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