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can anybody say that why i am raised with tsh levels and stopped menstrual periods??

stopped menstrual periods, got doubt and went for blood test to know thyroid levels.

t3 and t4 are ok but TSH levels raised to 18. suffering with constipation and not getting periods from 2 months. My age is 27yrs, i am married. i am attacked with spine tuberculosis. and i am on medication. now i am taking 9th month medication. i am not yet having children. i have to plan for kids after my 12th month medication. but now, i am attacked with thyroid. i am feeling very bad. becoz i am stopped with my periods. i dont know how it affects my conceiving possibilities. i am crying daily after effecting thyroid. i am fearing very much. Plz suggest me some good things how to overcome from thyroid problems and if possible how can i lower my tsh levels naturally with out using medicines and food intake suggestions also. becoz i am already taking too many tablets for my tb medication. Thanks in advace.

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Welcome ksm

I am sorry you have multiple medical conditions, which I hope are under control with medication.

You are hypothyroid and one of the clinical symptoms is female problems, i.e. periods - can vary between either too much or none. Once you get your thyroid medication to an optimum level, your cycle should come back to normal and you should be able to conceive.

Always get copies of your thyroid gland blood test results, with the ranges each time for your own records. If you have a query you can post them here for comments.

If you haven't had your Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron, ferritin and folate checked ask for these to be done as hypothyroid patients usually have deficient levels and these can cause symptoms too.

Medication for the thyroid gland is the most important as it is the Master Gland which controls everything in our bodies from head to toe so we have to have medication at an optimum level. You have to get your TSH level around 1and 2 for pregnancy and the usual thing is to start on a lower dose, normally, 50mcg of levothyroxine with a blood test every six weeks and an increase, usually 25mcg levo each time, till you feel well and periods return.

I will put a couple of links below and you can have a read for more information. Don't be afraid of what you read, it is important you have knowledge to help yourself and baby when you conceive:

Levothyroxine should be taken first thing with a glass of water and don't eat till around 1 hour later, so that no food interferes with the uptake of the medication. Other medications should be taken 4 hours later.

When you have your next blood test for the thyroid gland it should be taken at the earliest time. Do NOT take your medication before the blood test it should be taken afterwards.



Thanks alot....


Hi...after taking 1year medication of thyroxine, As you said i went for Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron, ferritin and folate tests after my tb medication.

Everything is fine except Vitamin D.

Doctors prescribed me vitamin D tablets.

But now i am using thyroxine 50mcg.

whenever i am taking both vit D and thyroxine tablets, i am becoming sick.

plz suggest me, do i really have thyroid?

i am just confusing

doctors said that you have very low vit d. so u need to take them.

but after having vit d, i am becoming sick.

atlast i stopped using vit d. but using thyroxine.

plz suggest me.

i am really becoming sick. i am becoming really bad.

I stopped vit D tablets completely.

but we have conceiving plans. so i started using pregnacare tablets. after taking them, i am becoming sick again. plz suggest me. do i really have thyroid or just only vit D deficient?

my doctor is not saying any thing properly.

hope you understand my problem.

plz help me. plz suggest me. thanks in advance.


You must never take any other medications with thyroid hormones. Levothyroxine should always be taken on its own with one full glass of water. Vitamin D should be taken about lunchtime and it is best if the meal has some fat in it as helps the Vitamin D to work.

I was very surprised that you've responded to your three year old post. What I would do now is to re-post this immediate one and it will go onto the front page and you will get lots of responses and the more the merrier.

You might find pregnancy difficult if you aren't on a sufficient dose of hormones and it doesn't sound as if 50mcg of levothyroxine is enough usually up to about 200mcg is normal and some need more.

First thing to do, before putting your question on the open forum is to get a print-out of your last blood tests with the ranges and post them. If you've had your test a long time ago, make a new appointment and it has to be at the very earliest, fasting (you can drink water) and don't take your levothyroxine until after the blood test. Levo should always be taken first thing with one glass of water (except if having a test you take levo afterwards). Your doctor also has to test B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate as well as thyroid hormones.


when ever i am help less i open this site. Now, i am feeling sick. i cant explain anyone how i am feeling sick. too much fear. i am unable to think myself. i even cant show interest in any work. i am becoming dull.. i am not active at the time , when i am sick. Even i wont go to hospital also. dont know why i am becoming dull. always feeling unhappy. always body pains, knee pains, always headache at any time.

This is happening only when i take both medications one day.

Everyday i take levothyroxine with a glass of water.

after my lunch i take pregnacare tablet.


thanks alot once again, for responding. i will surely follow your instructions. once again thanks alot. thanks for this site also. thanks alot. thanks alot.


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