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Can I still have Thyroid problem and how to detect it even with normal TSH?

Since a couple of years I am suffering from symptoms like Heavy Periods, extreme hair loss, fatigue, forgetfullness, dry skin , itchy scalp. All my blood test incl. TSH, T3, T4 are within normal range (TSH is 1.8). Can I still have Thyroid problem and how to detect it?

I also read about Thyroid hormone resistance but the Doctor says it should have been reflected in my TSH levels.

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Hormone resistance won't be reflected in your TSH necessarily. TSH seems to be governed by the T3 in your pituitary gland which can be very different from your T3 levels in the rest of your body. Dosing should go on symptoms, making sure that your T3 doesn't go above range and that you don't get symptoms of having too much thyroid hormone. Do you have the values and reference ranges for the T4 and T3?

You have classic symptoms of hypothyroidism. Even if there is no thyroid hormone resistance, the fact remains you are still hypo.

TSH doesn't respond to the thyroid hormones we take in the same way as it does to the thyroid hormones we make. For this reason many people don't feel well until their TSH is below 1 (or sometime even suppressed) with their T4 near the top of the range and their T3 in the upper part of the range.

You might be interested in Dr Toft's book

Dr Toft is former Chairman of the British Thyroid Association and this book is published in association with the BMA, so your doctor should listen to the contents.

It is also worth checking your iron, ferritin, vitamin B12, folate and vitamin D and post your results here. Lower levels of any of these can contribute to the symptoms you describe because all are needed in order for your cells to use the thyroid hormones properly.

I hope that helps.

Carolyn x


with respect, as you say, she has some classic symptoms but how can you say categorically Riya is hypo?


My TSH Is 1.8 and My T4 is 1.01 I feel I don't need to take the 25mg of synthroid the rest of my life.


Your t4 is very low and should be 9 to 25


If my tsh rises as far as 0.1 I put weight on and feel like death.... I keep mine at 0,02 and it's been at that level for donkeys years. I have no brittle bones or any of the other stuff it is claimed you get with low tsh....

a tsh of 1.8 is too high and you need it below 1 if you are on meds...... Carolyn's advice to get the dr toft book is exactly what you should do.....



Thanks Carolyn & Galathea.

Thanks for your response and clarification. I am also under the impression that I am suffering from Hypothyroidism, but it is very difficult to convince doctors with blood tests showing all normal.

My Iron, Ferritin, Vitamin B12, folate and Vitamin D are all good. My T4 is 14.2 (Range 10-19) and T3 is 5.0 (range 3.5-6.5).

Can doctors still prescribe me Thyroid medication based on the symptoms without conclusive blood tests?




one more concern is i have lost most of my hair...(almost 80%) , would I get my hair back after Thyroid medications? I read somewhere that thyroid medications also causes hair loss in some individuals...


could you have alopecia?


Have you had a test for Thyroid antibodies? may have Hashimotos??? (not saying you do but it's worth a go)...good luck! :)


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