What am I looking for in T4 and T3 levels?

After a long battle (see profile) I am now on 75mcg Levothyroxine (increase of 25) and don't feel much different after a 2 month trial. However, today my TSH now shows 1.1 as opposed to 4.5 and upwards on most previous tests. Yet I don't feel generally much different.

Nurse concluded then that it wasn't worth me taking the extra 25mcg because not feeling a great difference. ??No. So I then asked about my T4 & T3 but... she hadn't taken them so I have to wait now for results.

So.. now I have finally achieved a lower TSH what should I be looking for in T4 and T3 results please? I'm exhausted and I know the answer is probably posted on here many times over.

So thank you in advance.

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  • 75mcg is still a very low dose. As you still have symptoms you have obviously not reached your optimum levels assuming of course that it is Levo you need. Others know way more than I do about this so I'm sure someone will be along soon to give you more advice.

  • Hello Karispitt thanks for your reply,

    Re: 'assuming of course that it is Levo you need'.

    I have battled over 2 years to get an increase in meds and now to realise it's not just the TSH levels bothers me more with their lack of knowledge or reluctance to provide appropriate and necessary care, and no rush attitude.

    I will await results now. If there's is nothing obvious I will demand a referral this time, obviously they/GP don't have the knowledge or skills to investigate appropriately for this condition.


  • Sounds like you are not yet on an optimum dose. Ideally you would be looking for your T4 and T3 to be near the top of the range with a TSH of 1 or just below. Each increase of levothyroxine will generally decrease your TSH by a smaller amount, so, for example if it takes 50mcg to reduce it from 4 to 2, another 50mcg might only reduce it by a further 1. So you have some room to increase your dose further - you will know better once you see the T4/T3 figures.

  • Hello and thanks for replying.

    That's interesting because I had asked previously (with GP) how much of an effect the mcg's would have with no valid response. (It's just a placebo) ?!

    The nurse wanted to put me back on 50mcg because 'raising the dose hasn't had an effect so why take it'? I disagreed and re requested the T4 & T3.


  • Hi How you feel, Then most of us like T4 to be in top third of range, and some of us ( like me) the FT3 to be just under the top.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi thanks Jackie,

    It's how I've been feeling that has been the sticking point - they don't seem to 'believe'. My complaint to the Practice Manager recently should move things on, if not I will ask again for a referral (they have refused so far).


  • Hi Well I found complaints a night mare. Even one at my Cardio`s insistence went all the steps and then went to the omnibus man, they are fussy what they take, it has to be very bad. I had written evidence etc, went no where after 2 years!Can you use that as an excuse for a referral, put it that to prove they are right, please give you a referral, then we will both be satisfied. They like that! I actually tried everything in the end I was very forceful, things like we are all human , would it not be better for us both to have a second opinion No stone unturned etc. I have been having problems with my cardiac drugs, they count every drug out,I often no good as I have to adjust on bloods. In the end I said ", blood and stone at this practice trying to get drugs, you know you count everyone out". it worked!

    Good luck,


  • Good for you! Perseverance then. ;)


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