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Tsh rising after 3 months

Well here I am still trying to get thyroxine correct 18 months after thyroidectomy!

In Feb my TSH was .05 so reduced dose from 125mcg to 114 mcg. After 6 weeks TSH was .29 so dropped a little more to 107mcg. In May TSH was .93 which was good I thought and in June it was 1.5. Latest result last week TSH was 3.5!

With all these readings t4 has always been near top of range and t3 mid range.

Increasing again now to 114 mcg thinking that it might be taking my body a good 3 months for TSH to give true reading. Have been feeling weaker and colder.

Has anyone else had similar experiences when changing doses in that it takes a few months for levels to settle???

All input most welcome :)

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They have no scientific evidence that changing doses up/down according to the TSH is the right thing to do. In fact it can make matters worse for patient. The only time they should adjust the dose is if patient is complaining of clinical symptoms or they have clear signs of being overstimulated. The TSH changes throughout the day anyway. If you ask GP he probably wont know this.

Dr Toft of the British Thyroid Association says some of us need a low, or suppressed TSH, or the addition of 10mcg T3 in exchange for 50mcg levo. Also doctors are not trained, either in clinical symptoms and the assumption is made that adjusting our dose of medication to bring the TSH 'within a range' is wrong.

This is a link and cursor down to the question/answer of date January 25, 2002

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Can you pop your T4 & T3 results on here too please - will give a better picture of what is going on!

It is FAR more important to look at how you are feeling.. :)

Just curious - did they test your T3 without you needing to ask, at GP level..?





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