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Ferritin level rise 3 months after stopping supplement, any ideas?


Hi all!

I had low ferritin at around 20 that the doctor said was 'good' but I knew otherwise so took supplement for about 6 months. During this time it rose to around 40. I have stopped taking them for about 3 months and in this time it has rose to 70. Has anyone got any ideas? Also I know i need to keep supplementing and ran out and just didn't buy another bottle.

thank you all! X

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Could be you have some inflammation. That raises ferritin. Have you had your CRP tested, lately?

that's interesting, iv not heard that before. Does it essentially give a false reading then? My crp was around 5 when I was first diagnosed a couple of years ago but came down to around 3 the last time it was checked. I also have the mthfr gene variation so wondering whether that could be anything to do with it? Thank you for your help!

I don't think the mthfr gene variation has anything to do with iron/ferritin. But, you never know.

I don't think that a high CRP causes a false high ferritin reading. I think the ferritin is actually high - although I wouldn't swear to it. Ferritin is the storage protein for iron, and the body takes iron out and puts it in as necessary. So, it could be that the inflammation causes more iron to be put into storage, as it were.

that makes sense, thanks so much for your help!! 🙂

You're welcome. :)

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