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Been prescribed ferrous fumarate and vitamin d

I've managed to persuade the duty GP at my surgery that the results of my recent French blood tests are something to be at least mildly concerned about: ferritin 4 and vitamin d 17. He really didn't seem that worried by either.

Anyhow, he's prescribed ferrous fumarate 305 mg per day for 30 days and vitamin d3 1000 u per day for 3 months. Is this likely to be adequate? I'll be seeing my own, rather more patient-driven GP next Monday and I'll raise the question of the low normal b12 level with her; more likely to get a decent hearing.

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Was Vit 17 NG or 17 NMOL?

Get your level at the top end of the figures, stated in bold in this statement, which was signed by the forty listed Vit D scientists/researchers. Print it and offer it to your GP. You'll need more than 1000 iu Vit D3 daily to raise your level in a short period. Vit D3 capsules/drops are cheap, so if they refuse to give you more, just buy it. I'd initially take 3000 - 5000 iu daily, to raise it. It's oil soluble, so take it with an oily/fatty product like avocado, olive oil, yoghurt, cheese, etc.

And yes, your ferritin is way too low.


Sorry, should have said: 17 ng/ml.


See the signed statement which recommends 40-60 NG, and aim for 50-60 NG.

The GP should stick that statement on his wall and show it to his colleagues.

Also consider taking Vit K2 with your Vit D3. If you're on Warfarin/etc, consult your GP. I'm presently taking 'Super K With Advanced K2 Complex' by LEF.

I also take 'CoQ10 with Hawthorn Berry' by NOW.


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