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Cortisol test and Ferrous Fumarate

I got a call from my doctor today to tell me my cortisol level is good and I do not have Cushings. Well that's one less thing to worry about. Willl pick up a copy of the result next time I am in the area.

I have been informed today that there is a serious shortage of Ferrous Fumarate.

The gp told me and wrote a script for ferrous sulphate, but I rang the pharmacist and she tells me that there is a shortage but she knew about it and got a decent stock in. I told her what the gp said and she rang the gp herself and got another script written for fumarate. I am really pleased I rang her and am picking up the tabs tomorrow. Just thought I'd warn people who are taking it to make sure they have enough.

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Did you do a 24hr adrenal saliva stress test? I had a blood cortisol test done (morning sample) and it came out in range. I did the 24hr saliva test (as my standing/sitting blood pressure change was always poor) and other than the morning where I peaked into the normal ranges my cortisol and DHEA were both below normal range. It's well worth getting the saliva test, a false blood test can end up leaving you feel very ill!

It's also worth supplementing with b12 and vit c if you're taking iron tablets. Also get your Vit D levels checked and think about supplementing selenium.

Good luck


Spanglysplash, No I only did the blood test as ordered by the endo. I didn't think I had cushings anyway. I do have very low B12 and am supplementing 10,000mcg for a fortnight then 8000 for the next month an see how it is then. Am doing this myself as my gp doesn't think I need supplementing despite neuro symptoms. I am also taking 4000 iu VitD daily and 1000mg VitC. Plus VitK2, magnesium and b complex. I have been taking the VitD and the fumarate for 4 weeks now and already I can feel the difference. more energy (still not good but better) an I am sleeping better.


I think you dodged a bullet there! Most people tolerate ferrous fumarate far better than ferrous sulphate.


yes, I don't get on well with sulphate myself so I am very pleased my pharmacist is on the ball. Tabs were ready when I called in at teatime today. :-)


Might be worth ordering a 24hr adrenal saliva stress test. TPAUK has links to Genova that have 15% off. Also your endo or GP can order a 24hr cortisol urine collection. My GP has just ordered one for me as he says the NHS endo might not take the saliva test results on board.

The supplementation sounds like a good idea.



I'll have a word with my endo when I see him again. I cannot afford the private tests, unfortunately state pensions don't stretch that far and buying my own supplements.



In that case ask for the 24hr urine cortisol test (it measures how much cortisol you actually produce) and the DHEAS test (blood test measuring the production of DHEA metabolites, I think) I've forgotten the other test my doctor ordered, I'll post it tomorrow when I get my book from downstairs.




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