Eczema, itching, rashes - I actually found something which helped!!

Hi Everyone,

For the last few months - no maybe a year I have had eczema on the palms of my hands (- dyshidrosis - or also called pomphlox) I was getting desperate as It was more painful than itchy and getting worse (I am hypo) - I eventually came across Collodial Silver and have been sloshing on my hands for a week - cant believe the difference - it's stopped it in it's tracks!! Anyone who has it will know that as one lot goes, another is following it under the skin and it just does not go. The Doc gave me heavy duty steriod cream, but I was very loathe to use it knowing that what you rub on your skin ends up in your bloodstream, and hey, I have enough problems without adding steroids into the equation! Prior to that I was using Eurcerin cream which is high in urea - so what I did was slosh the Collodial Silver in to my hands, rubbed it in and let it dry, then coat it with the Eurcerin cream to seal it in - I wish I had taken photos before and after! I got the CS from Amazon - £12.95 I think and the Eurcerin cream from Boots - Intensive Hand cream - if you have this give it a go and let me know how you get on !!

Love to All xx

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    Popped into my Inbox today ! Was pondering a post - does anyone use this - and there you are ! BRAVO !

  • Have looked at the link Marz - I can't see where it says anything about collodial silver - perhaps I am being thick! xx

  • The e-mail was headed - Nano Collodial Health Care - so assumed the product was colloidal silver....oops perhaps I gave you incorrect info - sorry !

  • Somewhat opportunistic claiming it works against ebola. Very obviously the latest fashionable plague-like disease to fear. (And that is in no way meant to diminish the real issues of ebola.) If it worked, maybe some of the doctors themselves, several of whom have died, would have used it for themselves?

    Triumph of marketing over, well, everything.


  • As we know Docs are not always well informed. I don't pay much attention to claims - experience rules !

  • Thank you so much Sheenah, I'm going to try this.

    I've been at the end of my tether pretty much with my own Pompholyx. I've had it for months after it progressed from being plain old contact dermatitis picked up years ago from wearing a gold ring surprisingly, (I wanted to wear my Mom's wedding ring on my right hand after she died, and it caused dermatitis on my finger which consequently spread over both hands even though I stopped wearing it). I tried tea tree oil and that burned me quite badly, over time I have been prescribed all sorts of creams for it including the latest which is 5% steroid ointment, that one has taken my skin off. So when I researched other peoples experiences on the www. as you probably have done yourself and saw Emu oil had been successful for someone. Not available in the UK I bought some from America, it is helping slightly but isn't getting rid. Today I could barely stop myself from scratching again, the last time I nearly scratched my skin off it ended up infected and I was put on antibiotics which caused a problem in my mouth resulting in even more medication to combat that.

    I thought I was alone here with this problem as no-one else had commented when I spoke about it in a post recently. So although I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy if I had one, I'm pleased that you wrote about it too and have found something that works at last.

    Thank you so much, I will certainly try it and let you know how I get on. The relief I feel right at this moment to think there might be light at the end of the tunnel is beyond belief, because the last thing the doctor said he would try if the steroid didn't help was going to be light treatment...whatever that is!

    Kate xxx

  • Kate, I can't wear gold, either. I only wore my wedding ring for about a week after the wedding before I noticed all the skin was peeling off (don't have that trouble with silver rings). I stopped wearing it immediately, much to my husband's disgust! lol So what did he do but go and buy me gold earrings!!! I have never even tried them on. The last thing I need is itchy ears!

    Hugs, Grey

  • It's odd isn't it? They say if you are allergic to nickel to wear gold or silver, but gold does have nickel in you are stuffed basically!

    My own wedding ring is white gold and had been fine until a few months ago (41 years married) now I wear a silver ring instead because I can't get my wedding ring on, my finger is fatter with this dermatitis which is a ruddy nuisance.

  • It's most unfortunate! lol But I prefer the look of silver, anyway.

  • So do I, I've always worn silver all my life. I don't think the colour of gold suits me, plus I was a winter (cool water colours) baby born in Feb., I can't stand the heat of the sun so this summer is getting right on my t*ts, pardon the French. lol

  • I think it is the Collodial silver which has the most effect - the cream just sort of seals it - initially I was putting it on every half hour - you can put it on as much as you want - I went to put some magnesium oil on after my shower the other day and it stung my hands to hell - but I thought it might actually be a good thing although it hurt - light treatment is a good option - someone I know had what we have (although worse) all over her body and she eventually had light treatment which did the trick. Mine started a couple of years ago - I initially thought I was allergic to the glass paints I use, or the thinners, but no. I also had a very traumatic emotional experience almost exactly 2 years ago, and it got steadily worse from then, even though it is more or less resolved. I am so looking forward to hearing how you get on with it - you can use it for anything - cuts, brusies, sore throats, you can actually drink it! Have a look at the reviews on the Amazon site - I bought Higher Nature Collodial Silver - a good brand. XX

  • What size bottle did you get Sheelah? And have your hands turned blue yet, do you resemble a smurf? lol

    I've just been researching it and it has proved extremely interesting reading.

  • Sorry, I meant to write your name correctly but gremlins are on my shoulder this morning. xx

  • Sorry - I have only just got your message!!?? The size bottle was 100 ml and no I haven't turned blue yet!! Just still seeing steady improvement! xx

  • Thanks, I'll order some today. xx

  • Update:

    I'd actually forgotten all about these posts until I saw in my notifications just, that j_bee had like one of my posts here.

    I got rid of my awful skin problem in the end and it wasn't with the colloidal silver, because that didn't work at all on me.

    What did it was B12 cream, I saw it mentioned on another website and thought I'd try it. (I bought it from the cream is deep pink and I used it as you would hand cream before I got into bed each night...I say the word 'night' loosely because as a rule it's always in the early hours that I seek out my bed.

    Anyhow, this cream was miraculous, I even recommended it to a friend who had eczema and hers improved too.

    (I can't believe it was 3 years ago! where the heck does the time go?)

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