Haramaki....I think I found the secret of warmth!

I read a lot about the Haramaki. It sounded too good to be true but it also sounded as though it could actually work! Before I spent my money I walked about with a cashmere scarf round my body and yes it did seem to keep me warm but kept falling off! In the end I gave in and bought one (soon to be two! I don't think it's good for it to be dried out on a radiator!)

There is a lot written about it, main thing is it keeps your "core" warm which means the rest of you keeps warm.

I dread the winter and this has made a real difference. You can wear it next to your skin, over your knickers...whatever. I wore it over the whole lot yesterday as I forgot to put it on and didn't want to get undressed again. Seems it's quite hip to do that too lol! It still worked.

I'm sure it would be just as good for the gentlemen as well. After all it was the Samurai Warrior who started it off!


As usual...read and learn and make your own minds up. They are not cheap, about £20, but they really do work

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  • Sounds very interesting as I seem to be constantly hurting my back since I started doing more. Obviously my muscles have yet to catch up with my optimism!

    This sounds like just the thing to wrap round myself if I am suffering - warmth is so important for haling. Thanks for this interesting post.

    Marie XX

  • Hope it works for you as it has for me :)

  • Thanks ellarose will certainly look at these - am sitting "chilled" working in a friend's shop by the open door. Might be just what I need!

  • Gives you a nice warm back as well. Cheapest on Amazon I think. Free postage!

  • For thyroiduk to benefit:-


  • Here's the Thyroid UK Amazon affiliate link for Haramaki


  • Anybody know how the sizes work out? As Japanese are usually so slight I'm wondering.

  • for women


    UK size 6-10

    Waist size 51-61cm


    UK size 10-14

    Waist size 61-71cm


    UK size 14-18

    Waist size 71-81cm

    for mums

    One size fits all

    for men


    Waist size 26"-30" / 68-76 cm


    Waist size 30"-34" / 76-86 cm


    Waist size 34"-38" / 86-97 cm

    for kids

    from 2 years

    Hope that helps. They do say that one size fits all but I'm not so sure about that. Why would they bother to have sizes??? Doh!

  • Very helpful. thank you.

  • Interesting. In Chinese medicine there is an absolute obsession with keeping your kidneys warm to promote good health. It was recommended to my Qigong class that we wear long vests and big pants in the winter and I don't know if I'm making this up but I seem to remember something about red pants being good for warmth!

    I once did a boot-camp-style outdoor exercise class in the winter, and I quickly learned that I could wear a single layer on my arms and legs as long as my torso and neck were well-wrapped with snood, vest, a couple of shirts and a fleece gilet. Keeping your core warm really does help keep you comfy.

  • "Core Warmth

    When your core (torso) is warm it readily releases blood to the extremities. When your core gets cold your body's natural defence is stop sending blood to the extremities and keep it for vital organs and the brain. Therefore the best solution for cold hands and feet is often to heat up your core. Core warmth is most easily achieved through physical activity but increasing insulation is another option."

    The more I read about it the more I think the Haramaki is definitely the winter warmer for Hypothyroid sufferers.

    What annoys me is why I didn't come across this fact years ago??grrrrrrrrrrr!

  • This reminds me of what my mum used to say. She always used to insist on vests and keeping your kidneys warm. I think that I owe her an apology.


  • Looks like the liberty bodice was a good idea too. Can anyone remember those?

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