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E petition - signatures climbing but still a long way to go!

I wrote a short post a couple of days ago basically saying I'd started to hand out hard copies of the e petition to people I know (but not well!) eg vet, milkman, people in shops I regularly use etc and a short note explains how thyroid disease can cause so many problems the other day. However, I forgot to post the link again!

Let's all keep promoting the petition.

I've spent 15 yrs really struggling (I have no idea how I did it) all because no one offered me alternative treatments. I was however shouted at by 1 doctor and offered a psychiatrist and meds (which I refused because I didn't believe that what was offered would have addressed my symptoms) by another! I won't bore you with the rest!

No one should have to go through what we do when there are other options out there if the normal meds don't do the trick.

I will continue to email people inc. the media, share on Facebook etc. Let's really see if we can make ourselves heard.

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Here is a really novel idea!!! All 17,000 people on here sign the petition, and then pass it on to 5 people via Facebook, Twitter, email and forums etc, to friends, relatives, neighbours and friends.. now let me see. 5 x 17,000 hmmmmm = 85,000 signatures!



You are a STAR! And you Mary! ;) x


Hi there I have been trying to put together a small flyer that I can hand out to people I know,for signing the petition.However ,if they just go on line and put in it doesn't take them to the E gov form for signing so they won't know what to do next.Am I doing something wrong? Can you put me right as there are many people I know who would be willing to sign.

I desperately need some sort of sample to copy.

I am not on. Facebook,twitter etc......


Hi, I tried the link you included and as you say it doesn't link to the petition. Obviously not ideal but if this happens then you can enter NDT and T3 in the search box and the petition came up as the top one. This was the same for google as well.

Or hopefully the link below works. I typed a short document inc. the link below and then printed off the petition and handed both to people.

Not sure if this is helpful. I can always send you a copy of my note if helpful (it's not pro but is a v rough guide).


Feel free to use the text below if helpful.



I hope you don't mind me contacting you. I'm trying to promote a UK e petition created by Thyroid UK below. Please sign and share on social media or other avenues if appropriate.

The reason why I have contacted you is that thyroid problems can so often be an associated factor in so many conditions e.g. high cholesterol, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, food intolerance, absorption issues such low vitamin B12, vitamin D, iron and more, chronic fatigue syndrome, fertility problems, weight problems, sleep issues, other auto immune disorders and many more.

Please help and if you agree sign and share (Facebook, Twitter, etc) the e petition below.

Thyroid sufferers really need your help.

Anyone can succumb to Thyroid disease although it mainly affects women. The results can be mild to very severe. It has the ability completely to destroy a person's and their family's lives, e.g. unable to work, infertility problems, relationship problems, constant pain, cognitive problems and severe mental health problems. I could go on.

I myself have lost nearly 15 years to this debilitating disease. Despite all efforts, I've lived in constant pain, experienced extreme weakness, cognitive problems, severe dizziness/vertigo to name just a few symptoms. This made me largely house bound, unable to participate in much of daily life and reliant on others for help. Throughout this period, the NHS only offered me thyroxine (T4 the inactive form of thyroid hormone).

Thankfully, having done my own research, I'm now on the road to recovery having found other treatment options namely, Liothyronine/Triodothyronine (T3 the active form of thyroid hormone) and Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT) which contains T1, T2, T3, T4 and calcitonin (the same as a human thyroid).

Many people do well on the conventional treatment of T4 only. However, thousands of thyroid patients are suffering unnecessarily. The economic cost to the UK in terms of general and mental health care (including inpatient care), welfare benefits and employment costs of maintaining this narrow approach must be significant and I have little doubt would well exceed any additional cost which a broader choice of NHS medication options would require. So in real terms, although hard to quantify, there would probably be net saving to the Exchequer and NHS.

Lets see if we can make a difference for thyroid sufferers in the UK and potentially globally.

All we need to be heard is 10,000 signatures. Why not help us reach our goal of 100,000 signatures.

Many thanks for you help.

Best wishes


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Thanks very much Melanie for the trouble you have taken to help me.

I am very keen as you are to get as many signatures as possible for this thyroid petition... Just had to think of a way to do it for distributing by hand as it's not so straight forward as e-mailing it as I've done for family and friends on line.Thankyou for including your own message you've used.I would be grateful to be able to extract bits to include in my own printed flyer.

Let's hope we can all contribute something towards making more choice of medication available to patients here in UK however long it takes and at the same time raise people's awareness of hypothyroidism and how it can cause so many people much unnecessary suffering.

Good Luck with all you are doing.x


No problem and thanks for your reply.


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